2002 ISUZU Rodeo


Each year independent journalists and experts in the automotive industry recognize outstanding vehicles in areas such as design, safety and overall reliability. You can use these awards as a guide in the decision-making process.

  • Automobile Magazine reports the Rodeo is all truck underneath its handsome exterior
  • Consumer Guide 4X4s Pickups & Vans Buying Guide recommends it for its passenger and cargo room; credits Rodeo with a smooth and lustrous finish
  • Motor Trend reports Rodeo's dynamic characteristics are noticeably improved
  • Motor Trend reports buyers have found that the Rodeo stands solidly on its own merits and undercuts most competition
  • The Car Book gives Rodeo a Very Good rating for crash test performance and low cost of maintenance
1 ISUZU Rodeo vehicle in stock at carmax.com

1 ISUZU Rodeo vehicle in stock