Our commitment to diversity

We are committed to welcoming, respecting, and celebrating the unique attributes of our Associates, customers, and communities.

We recognize the value that diversity contributes to our organization and the competitive advantage we can maintain by having a broad range of talents, perspectives, and ideas with a commitment to continuously improving our business.

We ensure every Associate, applicant, customer, vendor, and shareholder is treated fairly and equitably and we respect the attributes they offer. Examples of such attributes may include race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, citizenship, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, military/veteran status, or genetic information.

For our Associates
  • We recruit, hire, train, and promote qualified Associates with diverse attributes.
  • We treat Associates with respect.
  • We recognize and value the importance of our Associates' diverse attributes.
  • We provide an inclusive and collaborative environment to encourage Associate input and ideas.
  • We provide benefits that support the diverse needs of our workforce.
For our customers
  • We welcome all customers into our stores.
  • We treat each customer with respect.
  • We provide an exceptional CarMax experience to all customers.
  • We give customers the most ethical and competitive consumer offer.
For our communities
  • We positively contribute to the communities where we work and live.
  • We promote education, youth leadership, and wellness.
  • We support widely diverse programs and organizations through grants, internships, sponsorships, and volunteer activities.