Owners FAQ

1. How can I get an owner's manual for the vehicle I purchased from CarMax?

Many of the vehicles sold by CarMax come with an owner's manual. If your vehicle did not include a manual, you can visit the manufacturer's website, where you may be able to view or download a copy. Some manufacturers allow you to simply search for the manual by the vehicle's year, make, and model. Others may require you to register the vehicle and yourself as the owner before allowing you to view or download the manual. There are some manufacturers that do not offer an electronic version at this time. If you are unable to download an owner's manual from the manufacturer, most will let you order a paper copy. (Valid receipt required to receive reimbursement for any out of pocket expense incurred.)

Visit your car manufacturer's website

You can also visit the website of Helm Publications, which offers owner's manuals for many manufacturers, or you can call Helm at 1-800-782-4356. (Valid receipt required to receive reimbursement for any out of pocket expense incurred.)

Helm Publications website

2. Should I register my newly purchased CarMax vehicle with the manufacturer? How do I register?

Yes, you should register with your car's manufacturer as the new owner, to ensure that you receive any recall notifications, notices or information regarding your vehicle from the manufacturer. To register, you can visit the manufacturer's website. Please note that your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may be required when registering your vehicle.

Register at your car manufacturer's website

3. What is a recall?

A recall occurs when a manufacturer or the federal government find that a condition or defect that could affect the safety or operation of a vehicle may exist in a specific vehicle or series of vehicles. The manufacturer then notifies its authorized dealers and the registered vehicle owners of the condition or defect so that the registered owners can take the vehicle to the authorized dealer for diagnosis and repair.

4. How do I find out about a recall?
  • Safercar.gov can provide year/make/model-specific information.
  • The vehicle manufacturer’s customer service department can provide Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)-specific information.
  • A local authorized repair facility can also provide VIN-specific information.
5. How do I handle a recall? Will I have to pay anything?

Simply contact a manufacturer-authorized repair facility, which is required to fix recalls at no cost.

6. How do I make payments online? What are my other payment options?

By registering with MyCarMax, you can make a single payment or set up recurring payments.

See all your payment options—visit our Payment Options page.