2005 Scion xA


Each year independent journalists and experts in the automotive industry recognize outstanding vehicles in areas such as design, safety and overall reliability. You can use these awards as a guide in the decision-making process.

  • Motor Trend reports cool Tokyo-style design, high quality, great value
  • AutoWeek reports Scion attracts buyers because of its Toyota quality
  • AMI Auto World calls xB appealing because it packs Toyota's quality and dependability in wacky-cars-can-be-fun clothing
  • Consumer Guide 2005 reports the xA is after the Generation Y-buyer with the usual Toyota virtues in a fresh package, meaning good workmanship & reliability
  • Edmunds 2005 reports xA handles well for an economy car, has a lengthy standard equipment list, comfortable seats and easy to load cargo
8 Scion xA vehicles in stock at carmax.com

8 Scion xA vehicles in stock