2009 Chrysler Aspen


Each year independent journalists and experts in the automotive industry recognize outstanding vehicles in areas such as design, safety and overall reliability. You can use these awards as a guide in the decision-making process.

  • AutoWeek calls the Aspen affordable full-size luxury
  • Motor Trend calls the Aspen a capable SUV
  • AutoWeek Drivers Log reports Aspen has good body control, ride and handling responses
  • Motor Trend reports Aspen can tow just about anything
  • Motor Trend reports Aspen offers capability, creature comforts and all of the chrome jewelry in a lighter, smaller and considerably cheaper package
  • AutoWeek 2008 Buyers Guide credits Aspen with more power and better fuel economy
  • AutoWeek 2008 Buyers Guide calls Aspen a bargain in the luxury-SUV class
1 Chrysler Aspen vehicle in stock at carmax.com

1 Chrysler Aspen vehicle in stock