2012 Porsche 911


Each year independent journalists and experts in the automotive industry recognize outstanding vehicles in areas such as design, safety and overall reliability. You can use these awards as a guide in the decision-making process.

  • Road & Track calls the new 911 sensational, featuring all the precision and performance they have come to expect
  • Motor Trend reports that the 911 Turbo S is the third fastest accelerating production car they have ever tested, dating back to 1949
  • Motor Trend calls the 2012 911 Cabriolet the best 911 Cabriolet ever
  • Motor Trend Ultimate Guide calls 911 a modern legend
  • Motor Trend Ultimate Guide reports the swan song of this generation 911 never sounded so sweet
31 Porsche 911 vehicles in stock at carmax.com

31 Porsche 911 vehicles in stock