2013 Porsche 911


Each year independent journalists and experts in the automotive industry recognize outstanding vehicles in areas such as design, safety and overall reliability. You can use these awards as a guide in the decision-making process.

  • Named a finalist for Best of the Best for 2013 by AutoWeek
  • Named a finalist for Motor Trend Car of the Year 2013
  • Winner of the Motor Trend Best Driver's Car competition
  • Car And Driver reports the new 911 is comfortable at the limit, and once you find that limit, it's easy to stay there
  • AutoWeek calls 911 the sports car by which all others are measured
  • Motor Trend credits 911 with the best driver's car dynamics
  • Motor Trend finds sublime performance and classic style
10 Porsche 911 vehicles in stock at carmax.com

10 Porsche 911 vehicles in stock