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CarMax has our own financing source and has selected third-party financial institutions that rank among the world's largest and most respected.

CarMax Auto Finance:

CarMax Auto Finance is part of CarMax and committed solely to the purpose of assisting our customers with their purchases. We provide a wide array of options designed specifically to help you meet your needs. At CarMax Auto Finance, we:

  • Provide fast, on-line financing with competitive terms
  • Have helped more than one million CarMax customers
  • Have a portfolio of over $5 billion

We also have relationships with a number of third-party financing institutions to provide a broad range of auto financing options for a wide variety of different customers. Each is an industry leader in car financing, and provides financing offers tailored specifically to our customers. And because your information is often submitted to multiple financing sources, you could receive several financing options to choose from—and you choose the one that fits you best.

Our partner financing sources include:

Capital One Auto Finance:

Capital One Auto Finance is part of Capital One, a diversified bank offering a broad range of financial products and services. Capital One has over $150 billion in managed assets nationwide. Capital One:

  • Is one of America's leading full spectrum auto finance sources
  • Offers competitive, no-hassle financing to a wide range of consumers

Santander Auto Finance:

Santander Auto Finance is the U.S. auto finance division of Banco Santander, which operates in over 40 countries with more than 69 million customers and $1.3 trillion in managed assets. Santander Auto Finance:

  • Provides an extensive array of auto finance solutions, focused primarily on customers with past credit concerns
  • Is built on the strength of a global partner, but offers the flexibility and customization necessary to service customers with specific needs

Wells Fargo Dealer Services:

Wells Fargo Dealer Services is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. the nation's fourth largest financial institution. Wells Fargo Dealer Services is one of the largest auto finance companies in the U.S. Wells Fargo:

  • Is the No. 1 provider of used auto financing in the nation
  • Offers a broad credit spectrum
  • Offers a wide selection of servicing and payment options

Ally Financial:

Ally Financial Inc. (formerly GMAC Inc.) is one of the world's largest automotive financial services companies. Ally offers a full suite of automotive financing products and services in key markets around the world. With more than $179 billion in assets as of March 31, 2010, Ally operates as a bank holding company.

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (new cars only):

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation is the automotive financial services arm of Nissan North America. Its primary emphasis is to purchase retail and lease contracts from customers of Nissan dealers. The company offers financing for the complete line of Nissan vehicles sold in the U.S.

Toyota Financial Services (new cars only):

Founded in 1983, Toyota Financial Services is a leading provider of automotive financial services, offering an extensive line of finance and lease vehicle service plans to Toyota customers and dealers in the U.S. Toyota Financial Services:

  • Currently employs 3200 associates nationwide
  • Has managed assets in excess of $65 billion
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