Insurance claim information FAQ

1. My car was recently involved in an accident and I have an insurance check made out to both CarMax Auto Finance and me. How do I have it endorsed?

Forward the insurance check, a copy of the original insurance estimate, and the completed repair bill to CarMax Auto Finance. (Note: All work must be completed by a qualified body shop for us to endorse the check.)

After we endorse the check, we’ll overnight it to the body shop that completed the repairs. If you have already paid for the repairs, we’ll require a copy of the receipt. Once we have the receipt, we’ll overnight the check to the person listed as the primary buyer on the account.

2. My car was recently in an accident and deemed a total loss. Can I keep the vehicle and have it repaired anyway?

Call us at (800) 925-3612 to discuss your situation.

3. Is there a maximum insurance deductible I am allowed to have on my policy?

Yes, the maximum deductibles allowed are $500 for Collision and $500 for Comprehensive.

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