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Purchasing careers at CarMax

CarMax Purchasing Associates make sure that we have the correct mix of vehicles for our stores. Each Associate examines hundreds of cars a month, and must have strong leadership skills, great attention to detail (especially mechanical!), and a willingness to go above and beyond in their responsibilities.


The Buyer-in-Training position is the required entry position for our store purchasing department and offers a great career path to a senior management role. As part of our CarMax store Purchasing Team, a Buyer-in-Training is responsible for conducting vehicle appraisals, coordinating on-site auctions, and attending various regional auctions (up to 20% overnight travel is required). During the 8-12 month training period, Buyers-in-Training become familiar with CarMax vehicle standards, recognizing cosmetic damage and the costs involved, and work with sales consultants to deliver accurate customer appraisals. Buyers-in-Training track their purchases through the quality inspection and reconditioning process and set pricing based on sales data and competitive analysis. This position provides a unique mix of analytical and physical challenges due to the fast-paced nature of the business, and approximately 50% of a Buyer's time is spent outdoors in a rigorous "hands-on" environment.

The ideal background includes 3+ years of retail management experience, but resumes with a strong work history in other service-oriented industries and sales/customer service environments will be considered. An ownership mentality, competitive spirit, high energy, and attention to detail are a must to be successful in this position. The position also requires strong leadership, analytical skills, and exceptional customer service skills. Ability to work 50+ hours per week, including evenings and weekends, is required. Bachelor's Degree and the ability to relocate are strongly preferred.


Buyers are responsible for obtaining CarMax’s phenomenal used-car inventory through appraisals and by attending off-site auctions. After completing the Buyer-in-Training program, a Buyer coordinates wholesale auctions, attends off-site auctions, and appraises vehicles at the store (with appraisals comprising most of a Buyer’s duties.) Buyers negotiate pricing, understand vehicle damage and subsequent costs involved with the damage, and make financially sound purchasing decisions for the company. This includes working with our technicians to determine reconditioning costs and determining retail values, and work with other departments to create strong customer experiences. Buyers must be able to make detailed financial decisions within strict timeframes, and have the ability to retain crucial information regarding the retail/wholesale vehicle market. Buyers are also responsible for mentoring Buyers-in-Training through their training process. This position is filled internally by a successful Buyer-in-Training.

Senior Buyer

Senior Buyers are not only responsible for all the duties listed for a Buyer, but also for training, mentoring, and coaching more junior Buyers. Senior Buyers are responsible for understanding retail trends and participate in the inventory planning process, organizing workloads on and off-site, and troubleshooting. Senior Buyers also become more involved in management responsibilities including scheduling, staffing, and development of the Purchasing Team. Senior Buyers also act as managers in the absence of the Purchasing Manager. This position is filled internally by a successful Buyer.

Purchasing Manager

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for the entire inventory of the store, from handling vehicle appraisals to off-site/on-site auctions. The Purchasing Manager leads the Purchasing Team, planning for optimum inventory levels, coordinating the Purchasing Team’s workload and schedules, and off-site travel to auctions to meet company goals. A Purchasing Manager investigates changes in the wholesale and retail vehicle market and reacts accordingly. This position also motivates, leads, and trains the Purchasing Team, delegating efficiently to serve the purchasing needs of the business. Purchasing Managers remain hands-on in their leadership roles, and work in a fast-paced indoor/outdoor environment with their teams. This position is filled internally by a successful Senior Buyer.

Regional Vice President, Purchasing

An individual in this position is responsible for the overall Purchasing operations of multiple CarMax locations within a specific region. The position requires extensive travel to all stores within a given region and is filled internally by a successful CarMax Purchasing Manager.

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