Mobile FAQ

1. I see where there’s a CarMax mobile site and a CarMax native app too—what’s the difference?

It boils down to convenience, user experience, and personal preference. The mobile site is optimized for a smartphone and accessed via the phone’s browser by typing in, just like you would for any other website. A native app is an actual application that is downloaded to and installed on the phone, which allows a more personalized, interactive user experience.*

2. But don’t they pretty much let you do the same things?

For the most part, yes—both let you:
Search our nationwide inventory of CarMax Quality Certified cars by make, model, features, and more!
See car details, expert and customer reviews, and photos.
Save cars of interest, personalized car searches, and your own notes.
Get alerts for price drops, cars sold, and new matches for your car searches.
Calculate MPG, payments, and affordability.
Find your nearest CarMax store and contact information.

3. And the app does even more?

Yes. The main thing is it lets you scan window stickers while shopping our lot, giving you instanct access to vehicle info (including Vehicle History Reports and reviews) while viewing the car in person. The app also lets you compare up to 10 cars at a time.

4. Where can I download the app?

iTunes for iPhone.
The Google Play Store for Android.

5. Is the app available for Blackberry or Windows phones?

Not at this time, but remember, you can still access our mobile website via your smartphone’s browser.

6. How much does the app cost?

It’s free!**

7. Can I still visit the full site from my phone?

Absolutely. Just click on the “Full Site” link located at the bottom of every page of the mobile site.

8. And if I want to tell you about my experience, can I provide feedback?

Sure. Send us your comments or questions by clicking on the “Feedback” link at the bottom of every page of the mobile site and at the bottom of the navigation menu for the app.

* Use of the mobile site or native app requires a smartphone with Internet access.
** Some mobile service providers may charge a data fee or require purchasing a monthly data package for Internet access through your mobile device. Please contact your service provider for details.