Questions you may be asking

1. Are all of your used cars inspected?

Yes. All of our used cars are CarMax Quality Certified ,which means every vehicle on our lot must pass a 125+ point Certified Quality Inspection† by one of our technicians. This comprehensive and detailed inspection includes an investigation to ensure that the car does not have flood or frame damage. In addition, we back every one of our cars with a 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee* and a 30-Day Limited Warranty (60-Day in CT, MN and RI, 90-Day in MA, NJ and NY).*

* See store for written details
† CarMax does not guarantee a recall-free vehicle

2. What are my payment options?

Your payment options will vary depending on the company who finances your car. For information on your payment options, please speak with a representative of your finance company.

If you financed your car through CarMax Auto Finance, you have access to a variety of payment options. In all cases, you receive credit on the date we receive your payment (for late charge and finance charge purposes), although it may take 1-2 business days for your payment to post to your account.

  1. Pay online
    By registering with MyCarMax, you can manage your CarMax Auto Finance payments with ease. You can make a single payment or set up recurring payments.

    Pay Now through MyCarMax

  2. Payments by phone

    Call us at 800-925-3612 to make a one-time payment on our automated system. You will be provided a confirmation number with your payment.

  3. By postal mail

    Send payments to:
    CarMax Auto Finance
    P.O. Box 3174
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-3174

    Payoffs should be mailed to:
    CarMax Auto Finance
    Attn: Payoff Department
    P.O. Box 440609
    Kennesaw, GA 30160

    We recommend mailing your payment 7-10 days before your due date to ensure that we receive it on time.

  4. Western Union/Moneygram®

    Western Union
    You may go to any Western Union location to have your payment sent to us. Call 1-800-238-5772 to find the nearest location. You will need to reference our city code, "CarMax," along with the state code of "Georgia." Please be sure to reference your account number to ensure proper posting. We typically receive and post these payments to your account within one full business day. Our business days are Monday-Friday. Western Union may charge a fee for this service.

    MoneyGram ExpressPayments® Service
    You may go to any MoneyGram retail agent location to have your payment sent to us. Call 1-800-MoneyGram to find the nearest location. At the agent location, please provide the clerk with the following; Receive Code "4645," company name "CarMax," city "Kennesaw," state "GA," and your account number to ensure proper posting. We typically receive and post these payments to your account within one full business day. Our business days are Monday-Friday. MoneyGram may charge a fee for this service.

For more information about CAF payment options, call us at 1-800-925-3612.

3. How do I contact someone at CarMax?

To get an immediate answer to your question, start at your nearest CarMax Superstore.

If the store is unable to resolve your concern, use the Corporate Contact Form, or call us at (800) 519-1511, Mon-Fri, 8:30 am to 8:00 pm EST.

  • Send written customer comments to:
  • CarMax
  • Attn: Customer Relations
  • 12800 Tuckahoe Creek Parkway
  • Richmond, VA 23238

CarMax Auto Finance
Submit questions about your existing account through the CarMax Auto Finance Contact Form (note: please do not submit potentially sensitive information, such as your account number or social security number, through the website).

  • You can also contact CAF by phone at (800) 925-3612, or write to:
  • CarMax Auto Finance
  • Attn: Customer Service Department
  • P.O. Box 440609
  • Kennesaw, GA 30160
For questions about financing a vehicle, please contact your nearest CarMax store.

Website questions
Submit all questions or concerns about® through our Web Feedback Form. Please note, we can only answer technical questions related to the CarMax website through the following link. For information on specific vehicles or CarMax policies, please contact your local CarMax store.

4. Do you transfer used cars between stores? What about new cars?

Yes. We can transfer most used cars to the store nearest you from another store. In some cases, a transfer fee will apply. We are unable to transfer new vehicles, Toyota Certified Used vehicles in Laurel, Maryland or Kenosha, Wisconsin, and any used vehicle identified as nontransferable. Learn more about transferring vehicles.

5. Can I buy a car online?

Although you cannot complete a car-buying transaction online, you can begin the process. Each car page includes several links to help you get started, including "Request more information," "Schedule a test drive," and "Request financing information." Clicking these links allows you to submit a request to one of the dedicated Internet Sales Consultants at your nearest store. Of course, you are also welcome to call your nearest store; the phone number and address will be listed at the bottom of every page in our website.

6. Can I be notified when a car I'm interested in is added to your inventory?

Yes. All you have to do is click the "Create alert" link at the top of the search results page. You'll then have the chance to specify exactly what type of car you're searching for and give us your email address so we can notify you when one becomes available.

7. Can I reserve a car online until I can come in to see it?

Yes. You can hold most of our cars for a specific appointment time, online or by phone. Choose the "Hold This Car" option on the car's page, then choose the date and time you'd like to come in. Once your car is reserved, it will be no longer be available for sale to anyone but you until after your appointment.

8. Do your used cars come with warranties?

All of our used cars are CarMax Quality Certified ,which means every CarMax used car comes with a 30-Day Limited Warranty (60-Day in CT, MN and RI, 90-Day in MA, NJ and NY)*. Please see your local CarMax store for written details. We also offer an optional MaxCare® extended service plan for all our used vehicles. Learn more about MaxCare extended service plans.

* See store for written details

9. Some of the cars in my results are marked with a "V" in a circle. What does this mean?

The "V" stands for ValuMax.® ValuMax vehicles are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned older vehicles, 6+ years old and/or 60,000+ miles. They all offer the CarMax 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee* and 30-Day Limited Warranty (60-Day in CT, MN and RI, 90-Day in MA, NJ and NY),* and are chosen for their exceptional value.

* See store for written details

10. Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer fast, fair financing through several finance companies, including CarMax Auto Finance, a division of CarMax. Most of our customers' financing is approved in 20 minutes or less. And if you can find better financing elsewhere, you have three days to change it, penalty free.

CarMax also works with the finance companies of all new car brands we sell. You can find out if a manufacturer’s finance company offers a special financing plan on a particular new vehicle on our new car page.

11. What is a recall?

A recall occurs when a manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that a condition or defect that could affect the safety or operation of a vehicle may exist in a specific vehicle or series of vehicles. The manufacturer notifies its authorized dealers and the registered vehicle owners of the condition or defect so that the registered owners can take the vehicle to the authorized dealer for diagnosis and repair. For more information about manufacturer recalls and how CarMax handles them, click here.

To learn more about the recall process, view: Auto Recall System: Recall to Repair (PDF)

12. Does CarMax fix open recalls?

Some of our cars may have open recalls on them. There are several reasons for this, but at the core is the fact that the current recall system is based on the manufacturer’s relationship with its dealers and registered vehicle owners, and not with independent dealers. Among other things, this means that manufacturers have not authorized CarMax to complete recall repairs and close out recalls. Before you purchase a car from CarMax, your Sales Consultant will review with you an AutoCheck report and VIN-specific recall look-up results from the NHTSA website. CarMax notifies customers prior to purchasing to have open recalls fixed by the manufacturer immediately. At our new car stores, we are manufacturer-authorized for the new car makes we sell at those stores; therefore, manufacturer recalls on vehicles for those new car makes are addressed at those stores before vehicles are sold. For more information about manufacturer recalls and how CarMax handles them, click here.

13. How do I learn about recalls after I buy my CarMax car?

Manufacturers use state vehicle registration data to issue recall notices. If you do not maintain your state registration information, a future recall notice may not be sent to you. Make sure to update your address if you move.

CarMax also recommends that you register your car with the manufacturer as soon as you make a purchase. The details for registration vary by manufacturer, but you will usually need your address, date of purchase, VIN, and the year, make, and model of your vehicle. By registering, you will receive information on open recalls, as well as other important information, directly from the manufacturer. You also will be listed with the manufacturer as the current owner if a new recall is issued. As with, most manufacturers have VIN-specific recall look up tools on their websites.

Register at your car manufacturer's website.

Visit your car manufacturer’s recall VIN look-up website.

You can also subscribe for email recall notifications from NHTSA at These notifications are not specific to your VIN, but are based on your car’s year and make. You can register up to five cars. By subscribing, you will receive an email whenever there is a recall for your selection.

You can also use the NHTSA VIN-specific recall look-up service to check for open recalls at

For more information about manufacturer recalls and how CarMax handles them, click here.

14. What do I do if my car has an open recall? Will I have to pay anything?

Contact a manufacturer-authorized repair facility, which is required to fix recalls at no cost to you. For more information about manufacturer recalls and how CarMax handles them, click here.