Nationwide Transfers

Find the car you want at any CarMax nationwide and we'll ship it to the location nearest you, often for free.

CarMax transfers are a great way to find your car. With thousands of cars available for transfer*, you're sure to find the car that's right for you! In fact, we've transferred more than a million cars for our customers since we opened our doors. To get started, follow these easy steps:

  1. Search thousands of cars to find the car you want.
  2. Contact your local CarMax or submit a transfer request form (found on the car's information page) on One of our knowledgeable Sales Consultants will answer any questions you may have, lead you through our transfer process, and collect any transfer fees (if applicable).
  3. We'll take care of all the details, and professional car carriers transport your car safely and quickly to your local CarMax. Free local transfers take an average of 3 days. Transfers from further away will take more time.
  4. After your car arrives, your Sales Consultant will contact you to arrange a time to view and test-drive the car. If you decide to buy, the Sales Consultant will guide you through the purchase process (you are under no obligation to buy a car that you've transferred).

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Why transfer a CarMax car?

Get the exact vehicle you want
We'll bring it to you with no obligation to buy
Find a car

We handle all the details
Professional car carriers will transport your car safely and quickly to the store nearest you
Learn more about the transfer process

We've shipped more than 1 million cars for our customers
1 in 3 CarMax customers use transfers to find their car
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*Excludes new cars, Certified Used cars from our Laurel Toyota or Kenosha locations, and cars identified as non-transferable.

Customers say...

My first purchase from CarMax was such a breeze. I located the car of my dreams on the site, had it transferred in for a nominal fee, and drove away with no worries, anxiety, or unexpected pressure.

Fredda B.
San Antonio, TX

Transfer questions?

Read our transfer FAQ and get the answers to our most asked questions.