Proof of Residence

  • Provide any of the following:
  • Utilities
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Phone - contracted (mobile or landline) Bill
  • Phone - non-contracted, pre-paid, or month-to-month (mbile or landline) Bill
  • Requires proof of continuous service for three months (no exceptions)
  • Use either of the following proofs:
  • Three consecutive bills/monthly statements
  • Three months written history from provider
  • Cable or Satellite Bill
  • Trash/Sanitation Bill
  • Monthly Statement
  • Mortgage
  • Apartment complex monthly statement
  • Bank
  • Credit Card
  • Brokerage or Investment Account
  • Settlement Statement from home purchase (HUD-1)
  • Other Bills / statements
  • Current insurance bill or statement
  • Vehicle excluding the one being purchased
  • Homeowner's, renter's, or condominium
  • Insurance cards, binders, or declarations pages are not acceptable
  • Bill, statement, or effective date must be within 30 days of purchase
  • Home Owner's Association (HOA) bill or statement
  • Medical bill

Note: If the customer has been at their residence less than 60 days and has not received any of the above they may provide a connection notification or confirmation of service from a utility company as defined above if the document includes the following preprinted information: customer’s name, address and date
  • Handwritten customer information is not acceptable

    Active Duty Military
  • Military members living in a barracks on base or on board a ship may provide a copy of their most recent orders to satisfy Proof of Residence
  • Military members living off base or off ship must provide standard Proof of Residence from the list above
  • Military members applying for financing through CarMax must use the address where they are living or stationed at the time of application, not their permanent address or address of record

    Native Americans living on tribal land
  • Customers residing on tribal land, e.g. Reservations, Pueblos, Rancherias, etc. may provide a letter from the tribal council providing specific details (directions or a map) about the customer’s place of residence

Reviewed 11/18/15