Proof of Phone

  • Buyer and Co-buyer:
  • Buyer and Co-buyer reside at the same physical address - provide any one of the proofs listed below. This will satisfy the requirement for both Buyer and Co-buyer
  • Buyer and Co-buyer DO NOT reside at the same physical address - provide proof for each buyer from the list below

  • Specific Types of Phone Service (provide any of the following documents):
  • Land line Phone
  • Bundled Service Bill (e.g. TV, Internet & Phone such as Comcast, UVerse, FIOS, Time Warner, etc.)
  • Contractual Cell Phone
  • Contractual Family Share Cell Phone
  • Non-Contractual Cell Phone (e.g. Boost, Cricket, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, etc.)
  • Requires proof of continuous service for three months (no exceptions)
  • Use either of the following proofs:
  • Three consecutive bills/monthly statements
  • Three months written history from provider
  • Company Paid Phone
  • Company paid cell phone is acceptable with a letter typed on company letterhead
  • Letter must state that the applicant is issued a company paid cell phone and contain applicant’s name and phone number
  • Bill or statement is not required

Reviewed 10/23/15