CarMax Customer Review Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines

Thank you for participating in CarMax's Customer Ratings and Review Service. This service is provided to you by CarMax in order to allow our customers to provide feedback on specific brands and models of cars. Below, we have provided guidelines that should assist you with your review and rating. Please read carefully and contact if you have any questions.

Here are some tips on preparing your review:

  • Do not include any personal information in your submission. This means that you should refrain from referencing your (or your friends' or family members') home address, name or phone number in your review. In addition, when you develop your "Reviewer Nickname," please use a nickname that is creative and does not identify your name or provide any personal information about you.
  • Be honest and provide details about your experience with the car. For example, if you note that the car was "dependable," explain why you thought that it was dependable.

While we are interested in all of your comments and reviews, please know that CarMax may not post your comments publicly or may post your comments in limited geographical regions that may not include the region in which you reside. In addition, CarMax may reject or refuse to post any reviewer comments including those containing the following types of information:

Profanity and threatening speech

Profanity (including creative spellings such as #$%@), threatening or abusive speech, obscenity, sexually oriented language, inappropriate slang or any word or combination of words that can be interpreted to be profane or obscene

Discriminatory speech

Discriminatory speech regarding race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, handicap (disability), or age

Personal information

Personal contact information or any information that may be protected by privacy laws, such as e-mail addresses, pictures, URLs, phone numbers, or specific physical addresses

Competitor references

Any references to known competitors of CarMax, including any auto dealership or auto classifieds websites

Foreign languages

Any language except English

Customer service

Any identifiable customer service complaint or any review that contains content that should be referred to a Customer Relations Associate


Any commercial content, marketing, or sales information that is not related to the product being reviewed or is otherwise inappropriate to post

Third party intellectual property

Any content that contains material that may be protected by intellectual property laws, including quotations, trademarks, or trade names

Vacuous content

Random characters or words that have no meaning as a review

Negative comments about other reviewers

Spiteful, hyper-critical, or otherwise inappropriate comments about other reviews or their authors


Any comment that could lead to a liability issue for CarMax

For more information about the CarMax Customer Ratings and Review Service, please see the applicable Terms of Use.


Please note that the reviews posted on this web site are the opinions of the reviewer. CarMax does not endorse these opinions or reviews.