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We believe that helping others is an important part of being a good neighbor. Through the CarMax Matching Gifts program and our Volunteerism program, The CarMax Foundation helps our Associates make the most of their charitable gifts and volunteer work.

Volunteer Team-Builders

Through The CarMax Foundation, a store, regional, CarMax Auto Finance, or Home Office manager can make a team-building event more rewarding. In addition to helping the community or organization your project is for, the nonprofit organization is also eligible to receive a grant from the CarMax Foundation.

Want to coordinate a volunteer team-builder? Review our Volunteer Resource Guide for more information.

How to get involved
For information on volunteer opportunities in your community, please register with the Hands On Network or VolunteerMatch. Create a profile, enter your ZIP code, and then search by areas of interest. Both organizations offer one-time volunteer opportunities, ideal for individuals looking to make a difference.

And don't forget, individual hours can be submitted to Matching Gifts. Volunteer team-builders only qualify for grants directly to the nonprofit.

Our partners

CarMax has joined with several organizations to make a bigger impact in our communities.

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Matching Gifts

There are several ways Associates can help their favorite charities through our Matching Gifts program.

Easy Gift
The CarMax Foundation Easy Gift program is a simple way for Associates to make regular financial donations to their favorite charitable organizations without writing checks or mailing donations.

  • Easy to sign up.
  • $5 per paycheck minimum.
  • Associate's donation amount is automatically taken out of each paycheck.
  • The donation is automatically matched through the Matching Gifts program.

Matching dollars
The CarMax Foundation doubles the amount of money individual Associates donate to eligible nonprofit organizations.

  • We'll match your donation, dollar for dollar.
  • $25 minimum.
  • Matches are eligible for up to 6 months from the date of your donation.

Matching hours
We provide a gift to eligible nonprofits to match the donation of an individual Associate's time.

  • We'll award grants of $10 for every hour a CarMax Associate volunteers.
  • 8-hour minimum over the period of a year.
  • Submit your hours every 6 months from the date of service.
  • Volunteer team-builders do not qualify for matching hours.

Program guidelines

The Matching Gifts Program is one way The CarMax Foundation shows support of those causes most important to CarMax Associates and their families.

The annual maximum for matching gifts is $10,000 from donations and hours combined.

Associates' family members can also participate in the Matching Gifts Program. Eligible dependents that can contribute to non-profit organizations include:

  • Spouse / domestic partner
  • Children aged 26 and under, which include an Associate's
    • Biological child
    • Adopted child (or a child placed for adoption)
    • Stepchild
    • Foster child
    • The biological or adopted child/children of an Associate's domestic partner, provided the domestic partner is enrolled for coverage and the child/children are the tax dependent of the Associate for federal income tax purposes.
    • Any other child for whom an Associate has legal guardianship or who, by court order, are dependents for purposes of providing health care coverage and who are the tax dependent of the Associate for federal income tax purposes.

Associates interested in contributing to The CarMax Foundation Matching Gifts Program should consider the following:

  • Submit your matching gift online to the CarMax Matching Gifts Program.
  • Notify the nonprofit about your intention to request a Matching Gifts donation (It can be helpful to obtain the nonprofit’s Tax ID number).
  • EasyMatch then contacts the nonprofit to verify the donation of time or money.
  • When the donation has been verified, the match will be sent.
  • Checks are processed quarterly, and it might take some time for the organization to receive the matching gift amount due to the verification process.
  • Not all gifts or organizations are eligible.

Board Service Donations

Associates serving on a nonprofit Senior Board or Advisory Board may request a donation be made once per year.

  • Associates must serve on a Senior Board or Advisory Board; Committee membership not eligible
  • After receiving the application, Foundation Manager will contact the nonprofit and invite them to apply for donation online
  • Donation is $1000 if nonprofit is a Foundation grantee; $500 if they are not a Foundation grantee but meet Matching Gifts guidelines
  • Board Service donation does not impact $10,000 Matching Gifts maximum
  • All Associates eligible after 30 days of employment
  • All donations must meet Matching Gifts requirements
  • Associates can apply for this donation on an annual basis

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