Top 10 AWD/4WD Vehicles for 2005


If snow, rain or ice is a frequent companion on your daily slog, you'll want to consider a ride with all-wheel or four-wheel-drive capability. These vehicles have what it takes to tackle the elements, and can hold their own on slippery roads without missing a beat. With rough-weather functionality in mind, we've compiled a list of our 10 favorite AWD/4WD vehicles.

  1. Land Rover LR3: Land Rovers are known for their ability to hang tough, and the new LR3 is no exception. Combine that with handsome looks and a sumptuous interior, and it's easy to see why we love being behind the wheel of this 'ute when the weather turns icky.
  2. Subaru Legacy: Subaru's value-packed Legacy is a bargain from any angle. Its lengthy standard equipment list and impressive build and materials quality belie its reasonable price. And best of all, you don't have to pay extra for all-wheel drive.
  3. Audi A6: The A6's available all-wheel drive makes sharp handling a reality in all kinds of weather. And we can't think of a better perch from which to watch the snow (or rain, or sleet) come down than its opulent cabin.
  4. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: The prodigiously gifted Lancer Evo was born to hug roads — slick or otherwise. Blessed with an all-wheel-drive system that boosts performance to dizzying heights, this pocket rocket will keep you grinning whether skies are cloudy or clear.
  5. Volvo V50: It's no surprise that a Volvo offering would make our list of vehicles to choose when conditions turn ugly. The eye-catching V50 sport wagon is just the thing for a young family, with loads of safety features, consistently nimble handling and style to burn.
  6. Ford Freestyle: Speaking of Volvos, Ford's latest shares its all-wheel-drive technology with the Swedish brand. The Freestyle brings to the table a couple of unique selling points of its own, though — such as an incredibly spacious interior, with comfortable seating for six passengers.
  7. Cadillac STS: This wide-bodied full-size sedan looks too bulky to be a billy goat on the road, but trust us, it is. With available all-wheel drive, the STS has what it takes to smack down rain and snow.
  8. Saturn Relay: With its tall stance and squared-off nose, Saturn's Relay looks more like an SUV than a minivan. Sure and steady, it handles like an SUV, too, especially when equipped with available all-wheel drive.
  9. Acura RL: The RL's unique all-wheel-drive system (called SH-AWD for Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) allows the car to split power between its rear wheels, and is even capable of diverting most of the rear wheels' available power to just one wheel. The end result is a vehicle that handles like you wouldn't believe.
  10. Dodge Magnum: This Dodge wagon looks rough and tough, and it is. When decked out with all-wheel drive, the beefy Magnum has the goods to grip even snow-packed roads.

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