Top 10 Models Traded In for Hybrids


The hybrid pool just keeps getting bigger and bigger, with more and more manufacturers offering their take on these frugal haulers. Buyers are more receptive than ever; the segment has grown by leaps and bounds since hybrids were first introduced to the North American market back in 2000.

Which vehicles are people parting with to satisfy their hybrid fix? Here are the 10 models most often traded for hybrids.

  1. Toyota Prius
    Prius buyers are often repeat customers, which is one possible explanation for the model's high placement.
  2. Toyota Camry
    Toyotas are known for reliability and quality, and as such, the brand tends to have a loyal customer base. Toyota has lots of hybrid offerings, so it's likely that Camry owners are trading in for one of the marque's more eco-friendly vehicles.
  3. Honda Civic
    Are Civic owners jumping ship for the model's green sibling, the Civic Hybrid? Could be.
  4. Honda Accord
    Honda's most recent hybrid is the Accord Hybrid. Sales have been somewhat disappointing, but it seems logical to assume that at least a few Accord owners are ditching their rides to hook up the Accord's fuel-sipping sibling.
  5. Ford Explorer
    Steep gas prices have caused many to question the wisdom of keeping an SUV in their garage. The Explorer is the biggest casualty of this trend; once a top 10 best-seller, the ute saw a significant drop in sales last year.
  6. Toyota Highlander
    Toyota has given those seeking a more frugal option to the Highlander an alternative: the Highlander Hybrid.
  7. Jeep Grand Cherokee
    The Grand Cherokee is yet another SUV that has lost customers to hybrids in the wake of high fuel prices.
  8. Ford Escape
    Why hold on to your Escape when you could have an Escape Hybrid, the world's first hybrid SUV?
  9. Toyota Corolla
    The Corolla is by no means a gas hog, but there are other, more fuel-friendly options on the market — many of which are manufactured by Toyota.
  10. Lexus RX 300
    Lexus came to market with the RX 400h, the world's first luxury SUV, a couple of years ago. It's likely that RX 300 owners are opting for this thriftier alternative.

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