Top 11 Wagons and Hatchbacks With the Most Front-Passenger Room for 2011


Whether you're hauling passengers or cargo, wagons and hatchbacks can be a useful choice. Drivers of above-average height or girth who require lots of room in the front row will find choices in this segment that meet their needs, especially if they start with the 11 picks shown below.

These 11 models are the hatchbacks and wagons with the most front-passenger room (our count exceeds the usual 10 due to ties). Each vehicle was ranked based on an average of head-, hip- and legroom, and all measurements shown are in inches.

Of course, statistics are no match for firsthand experience, and if you're shopping in this segment, you'll clearly want to spend some time in the cabins of the vehicles you're considering before making a decision.

Oh, and a word about sunroofs: This feature diminishes headroom. As such, if you're a taller driver seeking to avoid brushes with your car's headliner, you'll want to avoid checking the "sunroof" box on the options list.

  1. 2011 Subaru Outback
    Front headroom: 40.8
    Front legroom: 43.0
    Front hiproom: 54.5
    Front interior room: 46.1
  2. 2011 Ford Flex
    Front headroom: 41.8
    Front legroom: 40.8
    Front hiproom: 55.5
    Front interior room: 46.0
  3. 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring
    Front headroom: 40.0
    Front legroom: 43.5
    Front hiproom: 53.9
    Front interior room: 45.8
  4. 2011 Subaru Impreza (tie)
    Front headroom: 40.3
    Front legroom: 43.5
    Front hiproom: 53.4
    Front interior room: 45.7

    2011 Lincoln MKT (tie)
    Front headroom: 40.1
    Front legroom: 41.3
    Front hiproom: 55.7
    Front interior room: 45.7

    2011 Honda Accord Crosstour (tie)
    Front headroom: 39.5
    Front legroom: 42.2
    Front hiproom: 55.3
    Front interior room: 45.7
  5. 2011 Kia Forte
    Front headroom: 40.0
    Front legroom: 43.3
    Front hiproom: 53.0
    Front interior room: 45.4
  6. 2011 Toyota Venza
    Front headroom: 39.6
    Front legroom: 40.2
    Front hiproom: 56.0
    Front interior room: 45.3
  7. 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon (tie)
    Front headroom: 37.6
    Front legroom: 42.4
    Front hiproom: 55.6
    Front interior room: 45.2

    2011 Kia Soul (tie)
    Front headroom: 40.2
    Front legroom: 42.1
    Front hiproom: 53.3
    Front interior room: 45.2

    2011 Volvo XC70 (tie)
    Front headroom: 38.8
    Front legroom: 41.9
    Front hiproom: 54.8
    Front interior room: 45.2

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