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Winterize your car

Cars get cold too! Find out how you can keep your car happy in winter, whether you’re buried in snow or live in a warmer climate.


"Greenie" finds a forever home

You saw Greenie’s viral video online. But did you know that CarMax stepped in to give Greenie a new home?

Get the most bang for your buck

Read this if you’re in the market for a used car! We’ve got tips and ideas that will help you find the best used car for your situation.

How to Keep Your Car Clean

The winter months can be harsh on your vehicle; it collects a lot of ‘lived-in’ mess from your winter travels, plus it gets covered with all that built-up exterior grime. Get a head start on cleaning up your car for spring using these tips!

40 New or Improved Cars for 2017

Whether you're shopping for the best used cars, or you’re just interested in new manufacturer improvements, 2017 offers you lots of options to explore. Read on to learn about 40 2017 cars and trucks that are new or have been updated.

3 Things Smart Car Owners Do

Are you doing all you can to get the most from your drive time this fall? You spend a lot of time in your car. But don’t take our word for it — according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans who drive spend more than an hour a day in their cars. That’s a lot! Here are some smart things you can do to ensure your own drive times stay enjoyable and safe this season.

Is Your Car a Top Used Car?

Looking for great used cars that won’t bust your budget? At less than $20,000 each, here are a dozen popular used vehicles that fit the bill, from family-friendly sedans and SUVs to sporty convertibles!

Tips for Saving on Car Costs

Looking for ways to cut back on your spending? A great place to start is your car.

Keep Your Cool This Summer

There’s nothing cool about the oppressive heat that collects inside your car after a long day in the sun. You’d swear it’s enough to melt your hands to your steering wheel.

We're Helping Our Heroes

Our associates are passionate about giving back — and they’re vocal about supporting those who serve our country.

Owners Plus Is Available

The new OwnersPlus app makes owning a CarMax vehicle easier than ever. With OwnersPlus, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage your vehicle on the go.

Bright Ideas for You and Your Car

Need helpful tips and tricks for your vehicle? Take a look at these helpful tips, tricks and recommendations:


Winter's not over yet!

Sure, we’re in the dead of winter — but it’s not too late to make sure your car is winter-proof. A few small efforts can add longevity to your car this winter. Plus, you’ll save money on costly repairs in the long run.


Coming soon: Owners Plus

How’d you like to have instant access to all of your vehicle’s paperwork? How about automatic service reminders, so you never miss an appointment?


Clean Rules for Back to School

It’s time for backpacks, books, and carpools again! And that means it’s also time for sticky spills, stains, and the unidentifiable smells that come with toting kids back and forth to school and activities. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to minimize, and even get rid of, the havoc kids can wreak on our cars!


Prevent Stains and Scratches This Fall

Fall is a beautiful time in much of the United States. And while it’s hard to believe, those gorgeous red, yellow, and orange leaves can also damage your car.


A Clean, Dry Car Is the Best Defense Against Rust

As long as cars and trucks are made of steel, they will be subject to the effects of corrosive oxidation, otherwise known as rust.


Protect Your Car’s Paint and Running Gear

When you live in a hot, dry climate, dust can be a constant companion. Follow these steps to minimize the effects of dust and grit on your car’s paint, in your engine, and in the air you breathe!


Our 150th Store Is Open!

One hundred and fifty CarMax stores are now open for business, bringing with them hundreds of new jobs and new community partnership programs around the country.

Stay cool this summer

No one likes sitting in a hot car that’s been out in the sun all day. And no one wants an overheated vehicle. Follow these steps to a cooler car and a cooler you! 

Protect your paint job

You know that the sun can damage your skin, but did you know it can also damage your car’s paint? Fortunately, a few simple precautions to protect your car and its paint are all you need to keep it looking tip-top. 

We’re building new playgrounds!

The CarMax Foundation and KaBOOM! are bringing attention to the importance of play with a series of community-wide projects this summer. 

Save Car Costs This Year

Looking for ways to cut back on your spending in the New Year? A great place to start is your car. Just like with anything else, it's the little things here and there that really add up and make a difference when it comes to costs on the road. 

2015 Auto Trends

Rearview cameras used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now they're available in cars that cost less than $20,000. Cars and trucks have become offices on wheels, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi that lets up to six passengers connect to an onboard router through a cellphone. Let's take a look at four tech trends for the next-generation of driving. 

CarMax Cares

This past November, before a new CarMax store had even opened its doors in South Lindbergh, Missouri, Associates had already made a difference in the lives of 1,000 families. 

Stay Safe This Halloween - Tips for Drivers and Parents

Top tips for motorists and parents alike for a safe and spooktacular Halloween. 

Fire up the grill! We can't wait to tailgate!

New to tailgating, or need a quick pre-game refresher? Check out top tips for the big day. 

Easy Ways To Organize Your Car This Fall

Learn quick tips to keep your car organized during the busy fall season. 

Carpool Icebreakers

Break the ice between new carpool buddies with these fun tips. 

A Playful Purpose

Did you know playing is a serious matter? Play can transform children – from sedentary to physically active, bored to mentally active and solitary to socially active. And yet, right now, only one in four children gets 60 minutes of physical activity or play every day and one in three is obese or overweight. 

The Best Summer Road Trips

There’s no better time than summer to pack up the car and explore a new corner of the U.S. You may have heard of the famous Route 66, the stunning Pacific Coast Highway, and the fun-packed Outer Banks, but there are many more breathtaking routes to discover. We asked our associates to share their all-time favorite top road trip destinations. Check out their list and start planning your next adventure! 

Bad Weather Driving Tips

Downpour or dust. Fog or frost. Learn must-know tips for safe driving in bad weather. 

De-stress Your Commute

Dreading your drive? Learn five quick tips to steer stress away. 

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