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Clean Rules For Back To School

Keep It Clean!

It’s time for backpacks, books, and carpools again! And that means it’s also time for sticky spills, stains, and the unidentifiable smells that come with toting kids back and forth to school and activities. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to minimize, and even get rid of, the havoc kids can wreak on our cars!

Sticky messes

When was the last time you cleaned the gunk out of your cup holders and consoles? These areas are the perfect places for bits of food, leftover crayons, and other bits to collect. Luckily, cleaning them just takes a few basic cleaning items and a little elbow grease! Grab your favorite non-staining all-purpose cleaner (like kitchen counter wipes or spray), a sponge, detailing brush, warm water, and paper or cloth towels. Remove any loose bits by hand, and then spray down your cup holder or console with your cleaner. Test a small area with your cleaner first before applying broadly! Use the sponge and detailing brush to remove dirt and stickiness. For extra-tough areas, spray and then wait a few minutes before you wipe.

Bright Idea: Keep cup holders spotless by lining them with a silicone cupcake holder to catch all the grime!

Smells and odors

Keep the “sweaty gym clothes” smell at bay in your car this school year with a few simple tips. For more serious smells, place coffee grounds or baking soda in an open container in the vehicle, and shut the door. Within a few hours, the smell should be better, if not completely gone. You can also remove any trash and vacuum the interior thoroughly. However, if the smell is from something that spilled on the floormats or upholstery, clean the affected areas with the best colorfast upholstery cleaner you can find. For the most stubborn smells, have them treated by a professional detailer.

Bright Idea: Pull out your car’s seat belts along their full length and wipe them down with an interior-friendly cleaner. This is what our detailers do to help eliminate odors. It makes a difference!

Upholstery stains

When you have kids, spills are inevitable. But those spills don’t have to turn into permanent stains on your car upholstery. Commercial upholstery stain removers will clean up most spills. Just follow the directions carefully. Steam cleaners often come with an upholstery attachment too, and can help knock out even the toughest problem areas. But what about the seams and hard-to-reach areas of seats? Easy! A toothbrush can reach almost every nook and cranny. And don’t forget to check under car seats! Those accidental crumbs and drips can permeate your seats and cause permanent marks if not cleaned regularly.

Bright Idea: One of the best ways to prevent stains is to use a commercial fabric protectant spray when you first purchase your vehicle, and reapply as directed.

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