With solid performance and comfort features throughout, Acura's MDX easily lives up to its multi-dimensional luxury moniker.

Reasons to Buy a Acura MDX | CarMax
The Acura MDX, which entered the market in 2001, was designed to address the need for a high-performance people-mover with an abundance of luxury features. Although the MDX replaced Acura’s SLX, its build was actually based on the popular Honda Pilot. In true Acura style, this newly-developed SUV was infused with the highest-quality comfort, and performance features available. The result was a highly capable, inspired SUV that captured the hearts of drivers and passengers alike. Despite its luxury spirit, the seven-seat MDX has a highly configurable interior layout that maximizes its utilitarian nature. This multi-dimensional luxury vehicle will skillfully handle both your long road trips and your shopping excursions.

Ample power production

The Acura MDX earned the Top Luxury SUV award from Car and Driver in 2001, thanks in part to its powerful engine configuration. In its earliest years, this luxury SUV boasted 240 horsepower and 245 lb-ft of torque that made for a delightful drive. Its 3.5L V6 engine received additional upgrades in 2003 to bring power production up to 265 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of torque. Subsequent MDX iterations received even more horsepower upgrades. For all engine options, smooth power delivery gives drivers on-demand fun and excitement.  

Excellent handling characteristics

Despite this luxury SUV’s relatively large size, body roll is minimal, thanks to Acura’s commitment to engineering. The MDX sports McPherson struts up front and multi-link suspension components in the rear to ensure good grip in demanding driving situations. MDX vehicles equipped with the Sport Package trim level have active suspension dampers that adjust handling characteristics with a push of a button. To perfect this system, Acura fine-tuned its suspension components by running hot laps around the challenging Nürburgring race track in Germany.

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Smooth, quiet ride

Reasons to Buy a Acura MDX | CarMax
Sure, the performance-minded MDX has a growly V6 engine and precision suspension components—but Acura paid plenty of attention to the ride as well. And it’s quite civilized. The insulated cabin keeps outside noise down to whisper levels, even when you’re accelerating hard or buzzing along at freeway speeds. In addition to boosting the MDX’s handling characteristics, there are magnetic active suspension dampers in the undercarriage to help keep the ride smooth and refined. A downshift rev-matching transmission reduces jarring jolts and bumps to create more seamless transitions between gears. Even emergency stops are smooth and quiet, thanks to the well-designed ABS system and high-quality disc brake components.

Environmentally-friendly build

The 2003 Acura MDX was lauded for its ultra-low exhaust emissions, and its estimated fuel rating of 23 mpg, further decreases this luxury SUV’s overall impact on the environment. To build upon the legacy set by the 2016 Acura MDX, buyers could equip this vehicle with a 3.0L V6 hybrid engine and dual electric motors to drive the wheels. This setup reduces the need to constantly burn gasoline—in cruising mode, the hybrid MDX rolls on battery power.  

Attractive exterior styling

The MDX has sporty-yet-sensible exterior styling cues that come together to create a very shapely overall appearance. Although this vehicle weighs in at nearly 4,500 pounds, the smart use of rounded body panels and sharp accent angles, like the 45-degree C pillar behind the rear passenger windows, keeps keep this vehicle looking svelte and agile. The bubbly bodylines were eliminated in favor of clean-cut angles in time for the release of the 2013 Acura MDX. An iconic Power Plenum grille adorned the MDX from the 2010 model line on to create an instantly identifiable, cohesive look.

Quality lighting inside and out

The wide, high-intensity headlights in the MDX’s nose do more than highlight the exterior styling cues. They light up the road to keep drivers feeling confident behind the wheel. The headlights’ look and layout changed across each generation and their overall effectiveness increased in kind. Look hard enough and you might find a used Acura MDX for sale that’s equipped with the Advanced Package, which offers auto-leveling headlights that stay pointed straight ahead on any terrain.

Expansive cargo space

With a quick adjustment of the seats, the Acura MDX is ready to transport a full load of outdoor gear or shopping bags. The second- and third-row seats fold all the way down to create 90 square feet of cargo space for all of your oversized items. In fact, with so much cargo room available in an instant, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to buy a truck. Since the seats fold perfectly flat, you won’t have to struggle with long items getting stuck on the seat corners and edges while maneuvering your belongings into place.

High-tech entertainment features

Reasons to Buy a Acura MDX | CarMax
Acura ensured that the MDX came equipped with the latest and greatest high-tech entertainment features for each model year. Starting in 2003, a navigation system and rear view camera came standard; the DVD entertainment system in earlier models evolved to become a full-range mobile theater system in later models, with a touch screen and wireless headphones in the 2007 model’s entertainment package. Further advancements included enhanced touchscreen technology that incorporates haptic feedback—basically, you push a button on the screen, and you get an immediate buzz or click to confirm your choice.  

Comfortable interior design

Top of the line materials, ergonomic design, and solid construction make the cabin space in the MDX feel luxurious. The ultra-soft leather seats have large side bolsters to keep you from sliding around in your seat during high-speed maneuvers. The 10-way, power-adjustable front row seats are heated and cooled as a standard feature. Heating elements can be added to the second row of seats as an upgrade. And a mix of steering wheel controls and dash buttons create an ergonomically pleasing, well-designed vehicle that feels effortless to pilot.

Finding your the Acura MDX that is right for you

With three generations of MDX builds to choose from, it’s easier to find a luxury SUV that best fits your needs. The trim levels and upgrade packages changed year to year, so it’s wise to browse through every MDX model to find your luxury SUV. If you find this vehicle doesn’t live up to your expectations after all, there are other vehicles in the luxury SUV class that are worthy of your research time, including these:

Although used car research takes time and effort, your investment will pay off in the long run once you’ve found and acquired the right vehicle for your family and lifestyle.