Say hello to your personal-parking assistant.

Features You Auto Know: Automated Parking | CarMax

The short and sweet of it:

Automated parking systems (also known as active park assist systems) are designed to help you locate a parking space and parallel park the vehicle with minimal effort from the driver.

Why does it matter to me?

Even someone who has parallel parked a gazillion times doesn't have fun with this task. It’s nice to have an extra set of eyes when trying to watch the front and rear bumpers, and the curb all at the same time. Using automated parking on your vehicle can help you feel more confident to park anywhere without the anxiety of blocking traffic or taking extra time to locate the right spot. If you already drive a vehicle with active parking assist, you're probably wondering how you ever lived without it!

Here’s how it works:

Features You Auto Know: Automated Parking | CarMax

In general, this feature uses sensors and cameras to measure the size and find the location of a spot to figure the angle of the steering path to fit your vehicle into the parking spot. While the vehicle steers for you, you will need to work the brake and the gas. And, your vehicle's display tells you step by step what to do in the process. It's always good to check over your shoulder while your vehicle is parking itself to ensure the system calculated the spot correctly. You can also typically override the system by steering the wheel or turning the system off.

Picture yourself in this scenario:

You need to pick up some equipment downtown and it’s something you’ve procrastinated in the past –just because you knew you had to parallel park. You dreaded the five tries it took you to get into the space while traffic was backing up. Not anymore! You take the ride downtown, find your location and activate your automated parking feature. You simply cruise next to the parking lane and the system tells you when it finds a spot and measures the space. You follow the prompts on the screen and you’re parked—quickly and easily.

Features You Auto Know: Automated Parallel Parking | CarMax

Whether you’re a novice at parallel parking or enjoy the daily urban commute, this feature is a great option when shopping for your next vehicle.

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