It's like a trunk for your truck.

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The short and sweet of it:

Bed covers and bed liners are designed to protect the beds of pickup trucks from damage while also helping to secure and protect the cargo you are hauling.

Why does it matter to me?

The bed of your pickup truck often takes more abuse than any other part of your vehicle. Hauling heavy or abrasive items in the back of your truck can easily dent, scratch, or even puncture your truck bed, ruining the look of your vehicle. If you can't use your truck bed to haul any cargo you please, then what's the point of having a pickup truck?

Bed liners help solve this dilemma by providing your truck bed with a cover that is dent and scratch resistant. They act as armor plating for your truck bed, enabling you to load and haul cargo with less worry about damaging the metal underneath. Bed liners also designed to make the bed of your truck more skid-resistant in order to help prevent cargo from sliding around as you drive.

Features You Auto Know: Bed Liner | CarMax

Bed covers are designed to help shield your cargo. Without a cover, your cargo is exposed to the elements, including rain, snow, dust, and sunshine. With a bed cover, you can give your cargo the protection that a car's trunk offers with the space of a pickup truck—it’s a win-win solution.

Picture yourself in this scenario:

You're building a new storage shed and need to haul back a load of concrete blocks from the hardware store. The employees helping you load the concrete blocks into your truck aren't being too careful. Thankfully, you've got bed liner that helps to prevent your truck bed from getting scratched or dented by the blocks.

After you load up your blocks, you buy a few bags of cement mix as well. It's supposed to rain that afternoon, and getting your cement wet prematurely is going to make for some messy results. Good thing you've got a bed cover to keep your cargo nice and dry even during a torrential downpour! Now that’s why having a bed liner and cover are great features to have for your next truck.

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