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The short and sweet of it:

When you want to use your own car or truck for towing, you’ll need the right hitch for the job.

Why does it matter to me?

Because preparing in advance for your travel can make the difference between delayed plans and a delightful day.

A hitch is an attachment that’s designed to let you tow something behind your vehicle, when your car or truck is properly equipped for the job. Having the right kind of tow hitch is important for starting off your adventure on the right foot.

What’s the difference between the different types of trailer hitches?

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA), there are different hitches for different types of towing. The hitch you’ll need for the job depends on the size and weight of whatever you’re pulling.

Class 1-5 tow hitch

These tow hitches are found at the rear of a car or truck, and they’re either attached to the rear bumpers themselves or to the vehicle’s underside. They’re also known as receiver hitches, ball hitches, and pintle hitches. The higher the class of hitch, the more you can tow, as long as your vehicle is properly equipped for the job.

Wheel hitches / Fifth-wheel hitches

A wheel hitch, also known as a fifth-wheel hitch, attaches inside the bed of a pickup truck. It’s called a fifth wheel because the hitch plate sits flat in the bed of your truck, and it kind of looks like a wheel. These hitches can handle more weight than traditional ball hitches, and are commonly used to tow larger trailers and RVs.

Gooseneck hitch

A gooseneck tow hitch is also mounted in the bed of a pickup. These hitches are meant to be used with longer trailers and RVs. Truck owners who pull large trailers like goosenecks because they can allow tighter turning circles.

Picture yourself in this scenario:

It's a hot summer day and you and the family are ready to take a trip to the lake to enjoy a day full of swimming, water skiing, and tubing. The coolers are packed down with ice, everyone's got their bathing suits and sunscreen on, and the motor on your speedboat is full of gas. The only thing left to do is hook up the boat trailer to the hitch on your truck and you're ready to go.

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Thankfully, since you took the time to find the right hitch for your truck and trailer, the process goes smoothly and you're ready to embark on your lake trip adventure in a matter of minutes.

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