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Features You Auto Know: Smart Key Technology | CarMax

The short and sweet of it:

Smart key technology generally allows you to access the vehicle with the key fob in your pocket.

Why does it matter to me?

When you're trying to do 100 things at once, it's not always convenient to dig your vehicle's key out of your pocket or bag. Instead, with the touch of a door handle or a wave of a foot, you have access to your vehicle – as long as you have the key fob somewhere on you. When you decide you don't need a grocery cart because you're just picking up a few items and end up with more than you planned to purchase, you won't have to set your bags down to open the door. Smart key technology can also helpful if you need quick, urgent access to your vehicle.

Here’s how it works:

Features You Auto Know: Smart Key Technology | CarMax

Generally speaking, keyless access technology uses radio waves with ever-changing codes to allow you access to your vehicle. If the car's computer doesn't sense the key fob in close proximity, it won't unlock the doors. If someone does get the door unlocked and tries to start the vehicle, the vehicle will not start without the key fob. Don’t worry—you are also able to access your vehicle the old-fashioned way if needed, since a regular key is hidden inside the key fob.

Picture yourself in this scenario:

You're leaving a late work meeting with a handful of bags and folders. Instead of fumbling for your keys in the dark, you simply touch the door handle and the car unlocks for you. The inside lights of the car turn on giving you clear sight of your surroundings. You make room for your bags, hop in the car and you’re all set. Now that’s why smart key technology is a great option for your next ride.

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