Try a turbo for plus-sized power.

Features You Auto Know: Turbocharged Engines | CarMax

The short and sweet of it:

A turbocharger can give you a kick-in-the-pants driving experience!

Why does it matter to me?

In recent years, automakers have been working to increase horsepower while meeting new fuel efficiency standards. And, adding a lightweight turbo on a smaller engine gives you more on-demand power. This setup can help save weight, too. And when you’re driving a lighter-weight car, you could squeeze more miles from a gallon of gas.

A turbo isn’t always spinning. It kicks into action temporarily — when you press and hold down your accelerator pedal — to give your car an extra dose of passing power when you need it. When it’s not in use, you’re getting the usual efficiency benefits from your car’s engine.

Gone are the days when the only way you could make big power was having a big, heavy, naturally-aspirated V8 engine under your car or truck’s hood. Today, turbos are available on more and more cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Picture yourself in this scenario:

Features You Auto Know: Turbocharged Engines | CarMax

You’re running late for a concert downtown just after rush hour. Getting onto the highway from the on-ramp can be a bit tricky in your neck of the woods. Cars and trucks barrel past you. Thankfully, you’ve got a turbocharged engine. With a quick, measured application of the gas pedal, you’re able to quickly merge into traffic and meet the speeds of traffic. You make it just in time for the opening act. Now that’s why a turbocharged engine is a great option for your next vehicle!

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