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4 Favorite Functional Features You Auto Know | CarMax

There are more than 80 features you can search on carmax.com. You are probably familiar with many of these features (hello, air conditioning and AM/FM stereo!) and maybe not-so-familiar with some other features.

So how do you know if any of these features actually matter to you? Are they worth it? We decided to take a closer look.

Here are four of our favorite functional features you might want to consider in your next ride.

1. Third-Row Seats

Features You Auto Know: Third Row Seats | CarMax

Third-row seats are one of our most-searched features, and for good reason. Whether you have a growing family or need extra space for the weekend road trip, third-row seats are a great option for your busy lifestyle.

2. Quad Seats

Features You Auto Know: Quad Seats | CarMax

Like the sound of an extra row of seats but the traditional third-row configuration just isn’t your jam? You might be interested in quad seats, featuring two standalone seats in the second row instead of a bench seat.

3. Hitches

Features You Auto Know: Tow Hitch Boat | CarMax

Thinking about getting a pontoon boat to take to the lake? Looking forward to road-tripping with your tricked-out teardrop travel trailer in tow? Get to know more about hitches so your next vehicle is properly equipped for the job.

4. Power Liftgates

Features You Auto Know: Power Liftgate | CarMax

It’s nice when someone holds the door open for you, especially when your hands are full of groceries, toddlers, etc. That’s why it makes sense that power liftgates are an in-demand feature for SUVs and minivans.

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