Reasons to Buy a Infiniti FX35 | CarMax

The Infiniti FX35 set a precedent for crossover SUVs in 2003, and its innovative look and feel are still standouts in an industry of similar vehicles.

The vehicle is distinct with its sleek build and cutting-edge utility, and offers drivers the experience of a luxurious sport sedan combined with all the features of a mid-size SUV. Only a handful of other automakers have managed to marry utility and luxury into a crossover the way Infiniti has.  



Reasons to Buy a Infiniti FX35 | CarMax

Infiniti is known for designing elegant cars, and their work on the FX35 is no exception. While each year’s model looks better than the preceding, it would be silly to underestimate the beauty of the original mold.

Engineered to engender the look, feel, and handling of a sports car in an SUV, the FX35 was (and is) a pioneer in SUV design.

On the interior, the convex paneling provides a spacious experience for passengers that, combined with the leather surfacing and wood or metal trim (depending on the option package), gives an upscale, balanced experience. Adjustable front seats make it comfortable for passengers, no matter what their height.

The FX35’s cargo capacity is smaller than many of its competitors with 24.8 cubic feet, but folding down the rear seats nearly triples that capacity to 62 cubic feet. 


Reasons to Buy a Infiniti FX35 | CarMax

A variety of standard features await newer FX35 owners, including dual-zone automatic temperature control, side impact airbags, Bose premium audio system with satellite radio, an auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth, and a rearview camera. Optional features include lane-departure warning, parking sensors, keyless ignition, and a built-in navigational system with iPod integration.

While the sheer number of features might seem overwhelming, their logical placement spreads them out comfortably and allows for intuitive access. Additionally, the rearview camera and optional lane-departure systems can easily solve any misgivings a driver could have about rear visibility. 



The FX35 was replaced by the FX37 in 2013, keeping prices lower on used FX35s. While newer used models can run upwards of $25,000, it’s not unusual to find an older model with less than 100,000 miles for much less.