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Mitsubishi Mirage Review | CarMax

When you're looking for a practical vehicle to get you from point A to point B, a compact sedan can be an excellent choice. The Mitsubishi Mirage is a popular option, offering the convenience and styling of a hatchback in a unique four-door design. Check out our Mitsubishi Mirage review to find out more about all this car has to offer.

5 Reasons to Buy

1. Nice Price Tag

When it comes to compact sedans, the Mitsubishi Mirage has nice price tag for its class. The average price for a 2014-2015 Mirage is less an $10,500.1 This is a great option for families shopping on a budget.

2. Good Use of Interior Space

Mitsubishi Mirage Review: Front Seats | CarMax

Despite its compact size, the Mitsubishi Mirage interior space is thoughtfully arranged. For example, in the 2017 model year, its rear-folding seats make it possible to expand cargo storage space from 17.2 cubic feet to more than 40 cubic feet. Across all model years, there are also some clever small-item storage options that make handy use of the interior space in this small sedan.

3. Excellent Handling

Thanks to its small size and low profile, the Mitsubishi Mirage offers excellent maneuverability and handling in even the tightest of spaces. This makes it a smart choice for city-dwellers, especially those who want to take advantage of "compact-only" parking spaces!

4. Fewer Stops at the Pump

In terms of Mitsubishi Mirage gas mileage, the 2017 base ES trim with 1.2-liter engine gets an estimated 39 mpg combined (37 city and 43 highway).2 For comparison, the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage base trim with 1.2-liter engine also gets an estimated 39 mpg combined (36 city and 42 highway).2

5. Four-Door Design

With many compact hatchback sedans on the market, you'll be stuck with a two-door design that can be inconvenient, especially when you have rear-seat passengers trying to get in and out. One of the unique features of the Mitsubishi Mirage across all model years is its four-door design, which makes for a more comfortable experience for your passengers and is simply more convenient overall.

What You Need to Know

Mitsubishi Mirage Average CarMax Prices1

  • 2014-2015 - Average prices less than $10,500
  • 2017-2018 - Average prices less than $11,500

*This vehicle was not produced during the 2016 model year.

Mitsubishi Mirage Trims

The 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage is available in three trim options:

  • ES - The base ES trim features 14-inch wheels, power accessories, split-folding rear seats, and a rear spoiler.
  • SE - The SE trim adds such features as a rearview camera, keyless entry/ignition, a 6.5-inch touchscreen interface, smartphone integration, and Bluetooth® connectivity.
  • GT< - The GT trim boasts larger 15-inch wheels, heated front seats, and upgraded xenon headlights.

Mitsubishi Mirage Interior

Mitsubishi Mirage Review: Cargo | CarMax

In terms of Mitsubishi Mirage trunk space, the 2017 model year offers 17.2 cubic feet—a respectable number for a vehicle of its class. And with the rear row of seats folded down, the Mitsubishi Mirage cargo space increases to a full 47 cubic feet!

Mitsubishi Mirage Review: Back Seats | CarMax

The Mirage has a comfortable and surprisingly spacious interior and is able to seat up to five passengers.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors

The 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage is available in eight color options:

  • Infrared
  • Mercury Gray
  • Mystic Black
  • Pearl White
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Starlight Silver
  • Sunrise Orange
  • Wine Red

Mitsubishi Mirage Engine & Transmission

All trim levels on the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage come equipped with a 1.2-liter, three-cylinder engine at 78 horsepower. If you opt for the ES or SE trims, you'll be able to choose between an automatic CVT transmission or a five-speed manual. Choose the GT trim and the CVT is the only option.

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Customer Reviews - Overall Rating: 4.0 (27 Reviews)3

  • Pros: Fuel Economy, Cost to Maintain
  • Cons: Power, Cabin Noise, Interior Space


"The car gets amazing gas mileage both in town and on the highway. The car is fun to drive and not too small for my family."

- 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage

"For anyone looking for a small, not too expensive vehicle, this is the one for them! This car is small, but roomy. I love compact cars, and this one is amazing!"

- 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Owner

Mitsubishi Mirage Rankings

  • 9th - Best High-MPG Cars (2018)
  • Best Cars for College (2017)

Click here for a full list of Mitsubishi Mirage rankings.

What's New For 2018?

Mitsubishi Mirage Review: Dashboard | CarMax

There aren't many significant changes for the 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage. However, there were some new standard features on the base ES trim. This includes a rearview camera, a 7-inch touchscreen interface, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to compact hatchbacks, it can be difficult to find a four-door option that checks all the right boxes on your list. The Mitsubishi Mirage, however, offers a convenient four-door design along with some great features, trim options, and the easy handling that comes along with a compact size. The Mitsubishi Mirage boasts an overall customer rating of 4.0/5!

1 Based on CarMax average prices between March 1, 2018, and August 31, 2018. Actual prices may vary based on your selected model year, features and trim packages. Prices do not include tax, title, tags, and any applicable fees.
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