Looking for great used cars that won't bust your budget?

Most Popular 12 Cars Under $20K | CarMax

Next time you're in the market for another car or truck, know that you've got plenty of options that won't break the bank.

At less than $20,000 each, here are a dozen popular used vehicles that fit the bill, from family-friendly sedans, and SUVs to sporty convertibles.


Dodge Charger

Research or Buy a Used Dodge Charger | CarMax

Brawny. Torque-y. Aggressive. It's what drivers have in mind when they're looking for a late-model Charger. They're here on our lots -- many with a powerful V6 that delivers the goods -- but also a good handful that pack the no-joke 5.7-liter engine that puts out 370 horsepower and 395 foot-pounds of torque.

Customer David G. says the "Dodge Charger rocks":

"This is my 2nd Charger and I love it even more! I love the way the car handles. Very smooth. The interior is very nice and comfortable. Of course the 370 hp HEMI engine is the bomb. So fast and well handled. I also love the technology, and even the cup holders can chill or heat your drink. This model was rare to find loaded with all the features I have."

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BMW 328i

Research or Buy a Used BMW 328i | CarMax

The late-model 3 series is the most popular luxury sedan we offer. There are around a hundred sub-$20,000 328s available on our lots at any given time, and you can have any one of them shipped to your local CarMax.

Customer Brian P. says this is a "Great Car":

"Great driving feel. Love the steering and the "umph" in the engine. I have a manual transmission that is also incredibly fun."

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Chevrolet Camaro

Research or Buy a Used Chevrolet Camaro | CarMax

Looking for a well-maintained, rolling American icon? Shoppers find a wide variety of powerful, late-model Camaros on our site. The drop-top versions will really put the wind in your hair! The Camaro is one of our most popular used convertibles.

Customer Bruce J. says this is his "Dream Come True":

"A blast to drive, and gets stared at all over town. Not for kids, lousy drivers, or the irresponsible. This is for drivers who "get it" and know how to handle something this powerful."

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Kia Optima

Research or Buy a Used Kia Optima | CarMax

If you're looking for a late-model compact, check out the Kia Optima. It's packed with features like heated and cooled front seats, and options include turbocharged 2-liter engine.

Customer Linda S. says she "LOVES this car":

"It has all the bells and whistles (efficient, heated/cooled leather seats, heated steering wheel, sunroof and back moonroof, and more!) I wanted, coupled with reliability. And, it's soooo pretty!!"

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Ford Fusion

Research or Buy a Used Ford Fusion | CarMax

The latest Fusion are highly sought out mid-size sedans with enough features and configurations to fit everyone's tastes. Whether front-wheel drive, AWD, gasoline, or hybrid, the Fusion has great looks and averages between 25/37 mpg (1.6 liter engine) and 47/47 mpg (hybrid) city/highway.

Customer Dianne S. says this is "Our second Ford Fusion":

"We liked our 2008 Fusion and this one is even better. The improvements in comfort and gas mileage are just what we were looking for."

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Nissan Rogue

Research or Buy a Used Nissan Rogue | CarMax

Shoppers seek out the Rogue for lots of reasons: their crossover versatility and capacity (early 60 cubic feet of storage space), sporty styling, carlike driving performance, and superior fuel economy.

Customer Donald T. says this is a "Great car!":

"This vehicle has power when you need it, but isn't a gas hog. It's very comfortable and drives very well. I love this SUV."

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Ford Mustang

Research or Buy a Used Ford Mustang | CarMax

If you're a Mustang fan on a budget and the 5th generation (ending in 2014) body style really revs you up, CarMax has more than 100 great-looking hardtops, convertibles, V6's, and big-V8 GTs in your price range.

Customer Mark B. says this car is "Pure fun":

"Ford really got this car right. Just a real fun car to drive. Even with plenty of power on tap at any time I still get 20 mpg. The exhaust note is amazing."

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Chevrolet Equinox

Research or Buy a Used Chevrolet Equinox | CarMax

Shoppers seek out the Equinox because they're looking for a mid-size SUV that gives them choices that include front-wheel or all-wheel drive, the latest convenience packages including dual-zone AC and heat controls, a 3.6 liter V6 that puts out a powerful 300 horsepower, and space inside for five. Plus luggage!

Customer David G. says this is a "Great SUV, enjoyable ride":

"This SUV is great smaller sized car. So far it more than meets my expectations. Runs great, comfortable with plenty of power from the V-6 engine. Many great electronic features to improve its enjoyable ride."

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Toyota Camry

Research or Buy a Used Toyota Camry | CarMax

Efficient A-to-B transportation for the practical driver! After a thorough facelift in 2015, the Camry is lighter and more streamlined for even better fuel economy. And if you're looking for a used hybrid, our hybrid Camry drivers report they get up to 45 mpg!

Customer Howard B. says he is "Very pleased with my purchase":

"The Camry is a well-performing, reasonable car. I owned a 2009 Camry previously, but this 2013 is much smoother steering and riding."

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Ford Escape

Research or Buy a Used Ford Escape | CarMax

Seeking a compact SUV with lively performance? Check out the Escape. It's the most popular used SUV we currently sell. Customers love its zippy 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, and all-wheel drive means great performance all year round.

Customer Mark O. says "What a Great FORD Product":

"It's versatile and powerful. I carry a motorcycle trailer at times and this does the trick with all our gear in the back and driving in the desert. I have to drive back and forth to my son's college in another state so we jump in and pack this vehicle up for comfortable eight-hour road trips."

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Nissan Altima

Research or Buy a Used Nissan Altima | CarMax

The Altima has sharp looks, strong performance, and plenty of extra comfort. This is our second most popular car, and customers who've bought it say the practical, versatile Altima drives like it should have cost more!

Customer Alan S. says this is a "Great car, great price, great experience!":

"I love the car! It's got low mileage, super clean inside and out, leather sunroof, and a killer Bose stereo. Rides great, drives great, no negatives."

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Honda Accord

Research or Buy a Used Honda Accord | CarMax

The Accord is the single most popular car on our website right now. Customers love the Accord's distinctive, time-tested mix of roominess and comfort, and depending on your choice of powertrains, they see great fuel economy (up to 35 mpg from a 184-horsepower 2.4 liter engine) and strong performance (up 280 horsepower from the V6).

Customer Allan C. says this is a "Quality vehicle from Honda":

"For a four-cylinder this car has power. The Honda Accord offers almost 30 mpg average. I like the rear view camera. It sure helps in parking lot situations. Trunk is roomy enough for luggage."

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There are so many used cars for sale out there -- it may be hard to narrow down your search! So you're not overwhelmed, start with a list of needs and narrow down your choices through online research. Search online car reviews to see what owners are saying.

Ask yourself: what are your needs now, and will the vehicle you love to drive now still meet your needs a few years down the road? Good luck on your search, and happy hunting!