Enthusiasts should consider the WRX one of the best sporty options on the market

Reasons to Buy a Subaru WRX | CarMax

It’s tough to cross paths with a sporty Subaru and not marvel at its looks, sounds, and performance. Fortunately, there’s no better time to be in the market for a used Subaru. These vehicles are quick and attractive cars, and the Subaru WRX — also known as the Impreza — is a solid choice for anyone seeking a rewarding drive.

The WRX is very popular with CarMax shoppers. That’s because Subaru, a brand known for the iconic Outback and Forester, takes inspiration from rally-racing vehicles and puts it into a consumer sedan that handles mud, snow, and other slick and slippery surfaces with ease. The WRX comes with a standard six-speed manual transmission, which appeals to drivers who want more control over their driving experience. With precise steering, firm brakes, and quick acceleration, the WRX is a blast to drive. And with four doors, all-wheel drive, 21/28 miles per gallon, and a laundry list of modern features, this car is a great fit for many consumers.


Why go with the WRX over other Subaru models?

The WRX is Subaru’s iconic sports sedan. While you’re sacrificing some of the interior space found in the Outback, Forester, or Crosstrek, you’re more than making up it for in style, performance, fuel efficiency, and handling. Additionally, the WRX fits five comfortably and can accommodate nearly all booster and safety seats. Cargo space isn’t lost on the WRX, either —the 2016 model has 12 cubic feet of room in the trunk.

While other Subaru vehicles come with all-wheel drive, it’s standard on the WRX (with manual transmission). This gives an added level of control in hazardous conditions, and it allows for rapid acceleration.


Why choose a Subaru WRX over other cars in its class?

In the competitive compact car market, the likes of the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, and Hyundai Elantra take the lead in terms of pure fuel efficiency and daily use. However, Subaru fans feel these names lack the WRX’s distinctive looks and power. The all-wheel drive WRX doesn’t have much direct competition; the Focus, Civic, and Elantra are different beasts because they’re front-wheel drive, which affects the driving experience.

Subaru has also prepared the WRX to tackle other competitors in this segment, like the Mitsubishi Lancer, for example. Shoppers like the WRX for its tight handling capabilities and overall driving experience. No other vehicle in the compact sports car space works as hard to help drivers feel like they’re piloting a rally car. Plus, for customers who put a premium on interior comfort, the Subaru WRX is tough to beat.

Why choose a car like the Subaru WRX if you’re not a racer?

The WRX is a great choice for anyone seeking an exciting drive. Rev the two-liter, four-cylinder engine to its 5,200 RPM redline and you’ll reach 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. The car’s bucket seats, designed to keep you in place even when taking sharp corners (which the WRX handles with ease), are just the right combination of function and comfort. Subaru has continued to take inspiration from street racing and make it practical for everyday driving enjoyment.

Some components which make cars like the WRX effective at racing also make them appealing to both enthusiasts and everyday drivers. Features like Active Torque Vectoring, which applies front braking during tight cornering, help keep the vehicle from losing traction during high-speed turns. Recent models include larger anti-roll bars, tighter suspension, and a more rigid frame for better handling.

Reasons to Buy a Subaru WRX | CarMax

Then there’s all the comfort features. In more recent WRX models, the cabin includes dual touchscreen LCD monitors on the dashboard, coupled with a well-equipped media system capable of streaming Bluetooth audio, Sirius radio, and more. All this makes for an entertaining and luxurious driving experience for both drivers and passengers. Add in the all-black cloth interior, comfortable seats, and glossy audio and driving controls into the mix, and the WRX will exceed many drivers’ expectations.

The 2016 WRX is also a product of Subaru’s continued effort to improve the vehicle’s braking capabilities. The 2015 model can come to full stop from 70 miles-per-hour in just 160 feet. Engine noise isn’t overly dramatic, but it certainly is satisfying. Additionally, the turbocharged four-liter, four-cylinder engine delivers performance that’s on par with some of the best sports cars in the world.

Though it may be strange to consider in a sports sedan, a CVT (continuously variable transmission) option is available in the Subaru WRX. For sports car enthusiasts, it may be a hard pill to swallow, but there’s performance to be found in the tradeoff. That doesn’t mean a CVT is any less exciting to drive than a stickshift. There are three drive modes to select from: Intelligent, Sport, and Sport # (pronounced Sports Sharp). When left to its own devices, this eight-speed transmission snaps to attention, depending on throttle and brake inputs.

Though fuel efficiency may not rank highest on the sports car enthusiast’s list of must-haves, it’s important to note that the WRX goes plenty of miles on a gallon of gas. Both the manual and automatic transmission models deliver over 20 mpg in the city and near 30 mpg on the highway.



The Subaru WRX is a solid option for anyone seeking a used car. And, those who seek an exciting drive will find rich rewards in the WRX. It’s a stylish choice that’s fun to drive and very well equipped for the everyday driver.