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Q: Are all of your used cars inspected?


Yes. Our used cars are CarMax Quality Certified, which means every vehicle on our lot must pass a 125+ point Certified Quality Inspection by our technicians. This ensures that the car does not have flood or frame damage. Certain vehicles may have unrepaired safety recalls. Click here to look up a specific vehicle. Also, we back each car with a 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 30-Day Limited Warranty (60-Day in CT, MN, and RI; 90-Day in GA, MA, NJ, and NY). See your local CarMax for written details.

Q: Do you ship used cars between stores? What about new cars?


Yes. We can ship most used cars to the store nearest you from another store. In some cases, a shipping fee will apply. We are unable to transfer new vehicles; Toyota Certified Used vehicles in Laurel, MD, or Kenosha, WI; and any used vehicle identified as nontransferable. Learn more about transferring vehicles.

Q: Can I buy a car online?


Although you cannot complete a car-buying transaction online, you can begin the process. Each car page includes links to help you get started, including "Free Hold", "Get Financing Info" and "Request A Transfer" (if applicable). These links allow you to submit a request to a sales consultant at your nearest store.

Q: Can I be notified when a car I'm interested in is added to your inventory?


Yes. Use the Save link at the top of your search results page to save your search filters and create alerts. You can specify exactly what you're searching for; we’ll notify you when one becomes available.

Q: Can I reserve a car online until I can come in to see it?


Yes. You can hold the car you’re interested in for a specific appointment time, online or by phone. On the car's page, choose the "Free Hold" link, and then the date and time you'd like to come in. Once your car is reserved, it will not be available for sale to anyone else until after your appointment.

Q: Do your used cars come with warranties?


Yes. All of our used cars are CarMax Quality Certified and come with a 30-Day Limited Warranty (60-Day in CT, MN, and RI; 90-Day in GA, MA, NJ, and NY). Certain vehicles may have unrepaired safety recalls. Click here to look up a specific vehicle. We also offer optional MaxCare® extended service plans for all our used vehicles. Please see your local CarMax for written details.

Q: Do you offer financing?


Yes. We offer fast, fair financing through several finance companies, including CarMax Auto Finance, a division of CarMax. Most of our customers' financing is approved in 20 minutes or less. And if you can find better financing elsewhere, you have three days to change it, penalty free.

CarMax also works with the finance companies of all new car brands we sell. You can find out if a manufacturer’s finance company offers a special financing plan on a particular new vehicle on our new car page.

Q: Buying a car? Here is what to bring with you.


To complete your transaction, you may be required to provide any or all of the following:

- Valid driver's license
- Proof of insurance (required for all vehicle sales)
- Proof of income
Proof of residence
Address variance (when address on credit application is different than address on credit report)
Proof of phone

Documentation not listed above may also be required. Your sales consultant will be able to tell you what documentation you will actually need.

Q: What is an unrepaired safety recall?


A safety recall occurs when a manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that a condition or defect that could affect the safety or operation of a vehicle may exist in a specific vehicle or series of vehicles. The manufacturer notifies its authorized dealers and the registered vehicle owners of the condition or defect so that the registered owners can take the vehicle to the authorized dealer for diagnosis and repair. For more information about unrepaired safety recalls and how CarMax handles them, click here.

To learn more about the safety recall process, view: Auto Recall System: Recall to Repair (PDF).

Q: Does CarMax fix unrepaired safety recalls?


Some of our cars may have unrepaired safety recalls on them. There are several reasons for this, but at the core is the fact that the current recall system is based on the manufacturer’s relationship with its dealers and registered vehicle owners, and not with independent dealers. Among other things, this means that manufacturers have not authorized CarMax to complete recall repairs and close out unrepaired safety recalls. Before you purchase a car from CarMax, your sales consultant will review with you an AutoCheck report and VIN-specific recall look-up results from the NHTSA website. CarMax notifies customers prior to purchasing to have unrepaired safety recalls fixed by the manufacturer immediately. At our new car stores, we are manufacturer-authorized for the new car makes we sell at those stores; therefore, unrepaired safety recalls on vehicles for those new car makes are addressed at those stores before vehicles are sold. For more information about safety recalls and how CarMax handles them, click here.

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