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(228 Reviews)

Excellent car

2011 Acura MDX Joselito Tay - Los Angeles Ca, CA 10/24/2017

Car is great except for fuel consumption. Better interior spacing down most German cars. Carmax made this process so simple with no haggling and the usual salesman pitch.

my awesome car

2006 Acura MDX clau - Miami FL 05/19/2012

the car is absolutely amazing! it has ALL the features that anyone would enjoy.... the rear camara helps me to park anyplace anywhere without fears... the bose system is loud and captivating and i am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy driving my acura!!! thanks carmax for finding my match :))

Beware Model Change Years

2007 Acura MDX Lugnut - Savannah, GA 04/11/2011

The MDX was revamped in 2007, offering among other things a 300 hp engine and Acura's version of all wheel drive, "Super Handling." Magazine reviews were universally good, comparing the 2007 MDX favorably with similar products from Porsche, BMW and Lexus. It was recommended by many reviewers as a great used car. Unfortunately, my experience with the 2007 MDX has not correlated well with the glowing reviews. This MDX came into my life with about 57,000 miles on the odometer. It "looked" new, both inside and out. Unfortunately, in this case, you certainly could not tell the book by the cover. Since purchasing it 4 months and 13,000 miles back, it's been to the Acura dealer 3 times to repair the air conditioning, a stuck 2nd row seat and for an emissions control problem. Also to 2 alignment shops to solve the wandering front end problem. I also had to replace the Michelin tires. The steering was so troublesome (car wanted to cross the center line) that I took it to 2 alignment shops. One shop wanted to charge $500 for special parts to align the rear, but the other shop just aligned the car. This made things better but not right. I had read tire reviews of the OEM Michelin Latitude tires which noted that they wanted to wander, following road bed irregularities. So, I replace them with Good Year Eagle F1 tires. These were quieter and ended most of the car's wanderlust. Aside from reliability issues, I do not like the the steering; it's numb. This is a car you drive with your eyes and hands, not by the seat of your pants or steering feel. One reviewer wrote that the super handling enabled the car to corner to the limit of adhesion of the tires. I found this to be the case, but there is NO warning before that point comes. It's not nice to be cornering hard and have the rear end hop a couple of feet without warning. The exterior styling, body integrity, comfort, cargo room are excellent. Some of the interior styling and particularly the gauges, multimedia and navigational systems could be better integrated. Putting a smallish analog speedometer which goes up to 150 mph (car may go as fast as 135 mph) makes telling your speed accurately due to short distance between 40, 50, 60 etc. And the gauges look goofy mounted in cylinders. And I had to read the manual multiple times to figure out how to input navigational data (can be done by voice or manually). You can also control HVAC by voice or manually. Unfortunately these systems do not speak English. On the plus side, it's a quiet, comfortable car with sufficient power for safe passing on back roads. Moreover, with real gasoline (no corn products mixed in) it has gotten 24 mpg on highway intensive trips. But, if you use ethanol containing fuel, same trip falls by 2.5 mpg. Also, the breaks are excellent. I have had other Honda vehicles which had no reliability problems, and I attribute my woes with this car to it being a new model year. Hopefully subsequent MDX models were more reliable and did not have steering problems. This year MDX is NOT recommended.

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