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RSX Type-S; Blast to Drive

2005 Acura RSX InsatiableCarGuy - Northern Virginia 11/10/2008

I purchased my 2005 Blue Acura RSX Type-S new from a dealership in Northern Virginia in the summer of 2005 for around $24,000. After searching for a car for what must have been 6 months, I finally chose the Acura based on performance, price, reliability, looks, and usefulness. In 2005, the RSX Type-S was rated at 210 horsepower, and came with a 6 speed manual transmission as the only option. Also for the 2005 model year, Acura engineers made minor tweaks and changes to the RSX�s interior and exterior by increasing the bolstering to the front sport bucket seats, adding additional faux titanium interior trim, and revising the steering, suspension, and tire/wheel packages. Front and rear fascias were also updated for 2005 giving the car a discrete but discernable difference in appearance from the 2002-2004 model years. Purchasing the already sporty RSX in Type-S trim added a sportier suspension, 17 inch 5 spoke alloy wheels, larger brakes, low profile Michelin tires, a deck lid spoiler, and a larger exhaust outlet finished in chrome among other Type-S performance upgrades. The interior of the Type-S came standard with leather seating and steering wheel, cruise control, sunroof, and a 7 speaker, 6 disc CD changer (in-dash) Bose audio system with subwoofer. Additional standard amenities include Type-S embroidered floor mats, heated outside mirrors, and rear seats that fold flat to offer an abundance of trunk space. Standard safety features included driver and passenger front and side airbags and ABS. The performance and price of the RSX were the biggest factors in making my purchase. As for the stats, the car does 0-60 in approximately 6.5 seconds, covers the quarter mile in under 15 seconds, and does so in screaming fashion. The high-revving engine, capable of exceeding 8,000 rpm�s, is one of the best features of the car. Around town, the Acura is able to be driven very smoothly and without any jerkiness from shifting, in part due to the phenomenal clutch and gearbox similar to what�s found in Honda�s S2000. Torque is on the low end with only 143 lb-ft, but this also reduces any noticeable torque steer from the front wheel drive car. Handling is also very good in the Type-S version of the RSX. The car is well balanced with minimal body roll when corning at high speeds. After entering the corner, the RSX proves itself to be pretty neutral, offering a bit of under steer but not enough to where you�ll never have to worry about the back end coming out. Breaking is also good, offering a 60-0 distance of 135 with little drama. Statistics and raw numbers don�t tell the entire story with this car, the fun factor offered by the RSX definitely comes from the driving experience. The great steering feel, high revving engine (especially over 6,000rpm when the VTEC really kicks in), stiff suspension, and 6-speed manual transmission makes this car a blast to drive. Even with my heavy foot, driving in a mix of city and highway traffic I average 28 mpg. I do follow Acura�s suggestion and only use premium fuel when filling up at the pump. Throughout my 3+ year ownership of the RSX, I�ve had very few complaints. I have 31,000 miles on the car now and have had to replace one tire due to a nail in the sidewall ($220) which is a bit expensive, and have had problems with some squeaking coming from the roof. I took it to Acura twice to have it fixed but they�ve been unable to do much about it. Even after owning the car for over three years, I still get excited to drive it and have appreciated the reliability and dependability of a Honda.

2005 RSX Automatic

2005 Acura RSX Javier - Houston TX 07/18/2008

I definitely love this car. Powerfull and very nice looking. I was looking for a sportie such as MX-5 Miata but still have teenagers to haul around. My choice for the RSX was based on mainly four criterias: good Consumer Report rating, quality, sporty and 4 pax. I got all in the RSX. See Report in the 2005 Type-S model. It reports both, the Basic and Type S very well.

Great experience with a fun little car!

2003 Acura RSX Happy Owner - Greenwood, SC 06/26/2015

I purchased my RSX with 12 miles on it. After 12 years and 217,000 miles it is still going strong. Both the interior and exterior have held up exceptionally well. It is a fun and reliable car. I recently passed this car onto another family member who is in love with the car. It has plenty of power for daily driving with great fuel economy. Even with high miles, the car is still getting 35 MPG on the highway. It has a sport shift that makes it fun to drive when you want to shift without the hassle of a clutch. The sunroof is also awesome. The vehicle looks small on the outside but has plenty of room on the inside.

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