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Used 2011 Audi A4 Premium for Sale

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Reviews for 2011 Audi A4

Overall Rating

4.7 out of 5(12 reviews)

Audi A4 Sport package premium

This 2011 Audi A4 premium comes well equipped, the model I purchased was the sport. Consist of larger wheels than standard 18 inch spoke wheels on Pirelli tires. The tires honestly make a huge difference in this car, it gives it comfort as well as stiff handling when needed, they are kind of pricey about $320 a piece so keep that in mind. The sport package also comes with sport bucket seats which give you a more comfort feel during sport drive and on turns, the paddle shifting on the steering wheel definitely come in handy in tight corners and give the car a Performance car trait. The only fault this A4 has as per performance is the front wheel drive, it has massive under steer and you do find your self standing still on take off before the tire grip kicks in. Over all the car is stylish and includes a great sound system "Audi Concert" which is most effective with satellite radio which I highly recommend to get the most from your speaker or the iPod input, Cd's are a bit out dated but still sound great. The interior is rated at about a 4 compared to BMW 3 series and Mercedes C class of the same year, making probably the better choice in quality among these competitors. The leather sport steering wheel gives the car a great feel and is useful during quick turns and casual in town driving. The one piece key in comparison to its competing brands is better quality then others but it lacks the key less entry as well as the keyless drive. The vehicle comes standard with fog lights which give it a great visibility but HID lights are strongly recommended. The performance is lower than the 3 series but better than C class if that helps. If your are in the market for this vehicle I suggest you look for the sport package because it puts the vehicle in direct competitor with the 328i sport package.

- , 2011 Audi A4

Audi A4 Quattro S-Line

I was considering either a Mazda6 or an Accord Sport when I test-drove this vehicle on a whim. It was above my price point but, after driving it, I had to find a way to buy one. If you're looking for an entry-level high-performance vehicle, this is a very good choice. The turbo-charged 2.0L 4cyl will pin you to your seat in the 3-4k RPM range while giving a fuel economy in the mid-20s MPG. The handling is remarkable. This A4 is the most sure-footed vehicle I've ever driven. I am routinely following on- and off-ramps at speeds 5-10 MPH over and above what my old Accord could handle (on dry pavement) and it seems capable of still more. This is probably due to the 60/40 AWD of the quattro as well as the 255mm width Michelin A/S Sport tires. You won't like this car if you're looking for a Toyota Avalon-like ride. You won't feel *every* bump and groove in the road, but you *will* know the difference between concrete and asphalt and the conditions of each surface as you drive. Having said that, this car is quieter than my Accord was---even on poorly-maintained concrete roads. The seating on the S-line is sport-contoured, comfortable, and has nice lumbar support. I would not hesitate to take this vehicle on a 1,000 mile road-trip. The single concern I had with this car was the knowledge that a number of 2009--2011 A4s seemed to consume oil at an alarming rate. Bringing the car in to Audi for an Oil Consumption Test helped to bring any oil loss to a minimum (they replace a few items for the test) and I'm satisfied that this particular vehicle doesn't suffer from that problem. Many have rated Audi as well-built and seeing older A4s still on the road helps me to believe that this car should make it well into the 200k mile range. The only downsides to the vehicle are going to be in the maintenance costs. Tires from Audi currently run about $2600, but one can find much better deals if you purchase your tires on-line (down to 50% of that price---including installation). The 10k mile "inspections" cost approximately $1k. Oil changes are slated for every 10k miles also, but many advise changing the oil at double that rate. As far as features, my only beef is that the Multi-Media Interface has a steep learning curve and, even after two months of ownership, is still a bit cumbersome. But it is very usable and has some nice features (satellite radio, navagation and traffic, etc.) Indeed, the only way you can check the oil level is through the MMI! There's no dipstick! My A4 is also has a manual transmission---something you can get in the $27k vehicles but, typically, manual transmissions limit you in the trim package you can get here in the 'states. Overall, I'm delighted with my purchase. Driving the Accord was a chore compared to driving the A4. At any speed and in any amount of traffic, the road feel, responsiveness, and engine purr make driving this car a pleasure. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants to be *more* a part of the driving experience.

- The Zen Physicist, 2011 Audi A4

Das ist Gut!

This is a fantastic car for me. Plenty of room when I'm visiting multiple markets for work. The CVT transmission does a good job of mimicking traditional sports-shifting while allowing me to get at least 33mpg on the fwy. I love the clean interior with full Bang and Olufsen sound system.

- Jeff, 2011 Audi A4

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