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(17 Reviews)

Great car.

2008 BMW 135 Sarah Cole - Sun Valley, CA 05/21/2015

This model is like a spots car, but with a little more room, and a little higher, which makes it lots easier to get in and out of.......gracefully. I love the car. Top up, top down, I don't care. It looks great,, it's very comfortable, drives like a dream. So far I don't have any "cons" about the overall. Only "pros". It really is the ultimate driving machine.

Original owener's review

2008 BMW 135 NurburgringDriver - Irvine, CA 06/22/2010

I miss my 135i, but I need a larger car. This 135i was originally delivered to me in Munich, Germany where I took it to the autobahn. It cruises at 140mph easily and is smooth as silk. It was a joy to drive.

Very fun car

2008 BMW 135 NeedsMeSomeHPFP - Richmond, VA 07/09/2010

I dinged quality a bit because it already has the high pressure fuel pump issue at 15,000 miles. That's an issue that can strand you. I went into the purchase knowing that issue is unresolved for these cars and looms as a threat to one's enjoyment of it, so I'm not complaining, but I can't tell people that it is a reliable product with that issue still as prevalent as it is. They need to know before they buy. BMW covers it and my dealer has been upfront and quick to address it, but as of this date, the problem is still out there on some the 35i products, especially used ones that may be changing hands without anyone ever bringing them into the local BMW dealer for updates. I love the car otherwise. It reminds me of the old e30, intimate and involving, yet civil and comfortable enough for everyday driving. It's general demeanor is classic BMW: eager and fun. The engine, when operating as designed, is magnificent: urgent, smooth and powerful. The brakes are confidence inspiring and the steering is terrific. The chassis has some abrupt motions, but I find it right at home in the tight country two-lane driving I do. This car EATS miles. I drive 35 miles each way to and from work and I want to just keep driving at both ends. It is very fun to drive. Comfort is very good to me, I like smaller cabins. The well bolstered seats keep you snugly positioned for spirited driving and the view out the front is excellent. The rear seats I've sat in a few times and find them perfectly comfortable also. The technology stuff like Bluetooth and the stereo I don't pay much attention to, so you'll have to read a magazine for details on that. It works alright, no problems with it, I just don't use it. The seat heaters are German hot and the heat reaches halfway up your back. My wife LOVES this feature in a car and BMW seat heaters are her favorites. Fuel mileage is quite good so far considering the performance bias of this model, about 27 highway. If past BMW experience holds true with this one, this will improve at about the 30-50K mark, as it finishes breaking in. I would not be surprised to see 30 plus at that point. Of course, that drops dramatically when you start laying into the power so your results may vary ; ) For the modders, it is a great piece. There is a lot to mod and you can build a burner out of these pretty inexpensively, but as always, be careful with tuner stuff, you can tune yourself into a repair that isn't covered by your warranty. Use your head there. Overall, I love it. If they sort out the fuel pump issues - and I think they will - I would heartily recommend this car for anyone who wants a compact coupe that is fun to drive.

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