2018 BMW M4 Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 reviews)

Solid midrange performance car.

The F82 offers an attractive level of performance per dollar for 1-5–year old cars at the $40-60k price point.


  • Power: Great usable powerband. Boost comes in at ~3000 rpm and the S55 pulls hard until the next gear.
  • Ride and Handling: Typical M car dynamics. Ride gets a little rough with 666M 20” wheels, but corners flat with responsive, well-weighted steering.
  • Value: Performance, pedigree, and potential that’s tough to beat in sub-$50k market, especially as long as Porsches and Corvettes remain artificially elevated in price.


  • Interior Space: Competition seats + sunroof + coupe roofline = very little headroom.
  • Braking: Stock brakes leave something to be desired from an M car. Might be pad compound.
  • Cost to Maintain: It’s a BMW. Get a warranty.

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