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Used BMW Z4 in Rochester, NY for Sale

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Reviews for BMW Z4

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4.8 out of 5(124 reviews)

2007 Z4 Coupe - More Car for the Money

I bought my Z4 from CarMax in San Diego, it was transferred from somewhere in LA where they got it from the original owner. It took me approximately 2 months to find this car, searching nearly every automotive sales site. Once the alert came in that a match was found, I took steps immediately toward checking it out. At 64k miles, I did not expect the car to be perfect, but it really has been everything I had hoped for and more. This Z4 is my second BMW. I was shopping for something small and sporty, and initially was in the market for something like the new Scion FRS or a used Mini-Cooper. So, talking about the competition for a moment.... I ruled the Mini-Cooper out right away because of the Star-Trek interior, despite the fact that I love the way they look on the outside. The FRS on the other-hand was really on target with the interior and exterior, but when looking at the price I felt sure that I could get more car for the money. It then hit me, duh... I love my current Bimmer! So, immediately the Z4 came to mind. I then began pricing and test driving Z4's. First, let me say that in comparison to the FRS, even older 2.8L Z4's are on par. Those can be had for $16-18k easily - a good $6-8K less than an FRS. I myself am a bit of a feature junky, so I upsell myself on things like more HP, bigger brakes, etc. This is why I started shopping for the 3.0si. Also, I am not that crazy about convertibles. So given the rarity of the coupe, the 3.0si trim level, and ambivalence toward convertibles - the Z4 coupe made sense to me on SO MANY levels. Next, I test-drove the FRS. Keep in mind, I REALLY like the FRS. When I test-drove one, I put the cliche "drive it like it's stolen" to the test. From that, I knew that the FRS was a car that I could buy and would be happy with. Everything was tight, precise, and sporty feeling. ...but, still, it was no Z4. Something was missing. Where it was mostly coming up short was the acceleration, as well as generally rowing through the gears. It seemed as though you really had to wind the RPM's high - close to redline - every time, even if going to get the groceries! The Z4 by contrast allows you to pop through the gears very subtly without ever getting much over 2K RPM. From nearly any speed and any gear, even under 2K RPM, there is torque in the Z4 - and you can wind that torque all the way to 7K RPM! I drive this car to work every day, 100+ miles per day. It does very well on gas (when I keep my foot out of it). It does require 91+ gasoline, so be prepared to pay more at the pump with the 3.0si. But, I do get on it now and then, I happily consider the extra couple gallons a week a reasonable trade for the fun of driving the Z4. This is a car capable of 5.5s 0-60 times and 150+MPH on the open road (err... i mean a closed course, yeah, that's it... ;-) The interior is great! It's very sporty, simple, clean and this Z4 has the "M-sport" seats which have a deep pocket to sit in to hold you around corners. The controls are intuitive and have a quality feel to them. The cup holders are cool, but will probably break at some point (replacement cup holders are inexpensive, though) but so far they work well. Over-all the build quality is very nice, and it has a solid feel to it. The Z4 comes with run-flat tires and no spare tire. Obviously a space saver, because the car is more engine than anything else, but you'd be surprised, the Z4 has a nice-sized trunk (or hatch in my case)! If you change wheels and/or tires, you may need to get run-flats, put a spare in the trunk, or get a good road-side assistance program. I'm not sure what else I can say about my Z4, but in general, be aware that there are different trim levels that make a significant impact on pricing as well as performance. The Z4 3.0si is the most powerful of the normal Z4's. There is another 3.0i that has slightly less power, and a 2.8 as well. The Z4M is the pinnacle, with different suspension, drive-train, brakes, and motor, has significant performance advantages over any regular Z4, but at a premium price. Research plenty, and don't be afraid to take test drives. Also, don't be afraid to pass on cars that you have a hinky feeling about. Overall I am very happy with my Z4 Coupe, 3.0si. I clicked "Yes" on the "Would recommend to a friend" question, but only on merits of the car... really I'd prefer if you live in San Diego to buy something else, because my Z4 coupe is pretty rare. Hope this review is helpful!

- Dan, 2007 BMW Z4

Great little sports car

This is a great vehicle if you are looking for a sports car whose design recalls the British sports cars of the 50s and 60s. The long hood and short rear deck have always been among my favorite designs. The straight six is a wonderful motor and will spin the wheels in third. It turns on a dime, and the automatic works well though it is a different animal than a regular automatic. I love the retractable hardtop and the car's profile with the top down. Overall, it's a fantastic car if you can afford to have other vehicles for work/family and drive this one on weekends or when running errands.

- Charles Brunson, 2011 BMW Z4

My 3rd Roadster

I keep going back to BMW brand. Its the lines on the car that attract me. Good, quality, dependable car - that drives fast and looks beautiful. Buying used with extended warranty makes for good value. Everyone thinks the car is brand new. If I had a complaint, the Z4 drives at higher RPM than Z3. Z4 built with lighter material (aluminium doors, to improve performance and cost) which don't have the solid "shut" sound that my Z3 made.

- nandal, 2003 BMW Z4

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