Used 2006 Chevrolet Aveo LS For Sale

(169 Reviews)

2006 Chevrolet Aveo LS Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 1.6L
Horsepower 103 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City 23
MPG Highway 31

Customer Review Summary for Chevrolet Aveo

(169 Reviews)

Gets you around town

2004 Chevrolet Aveo Susan - Louisville, KY 07/11/2014

Small car, doesn't have much pick up and go. The clock keeps going out or I need to reset it all the time.

2011 Chevy Aveo

2011 Chevrolet Aveo amacmedic - Merritt Island, FL 11/27/2012

I purchased the Aveo used with 38005 miles. After having driven the car for a few months (and adding 5000 miles), I have found it to be average. Gas milage is advertised at 35/27, my actual milage averages 32.4/29.7. The city number for me is more of a combination of city and highway driving. I drive just over 49 miles in one direction to work, five days a week. The majority of that driving is done on the highway. If I had the optional cruise control, I would probably squeeze out another 1 or 2 mpg. I have only had it on one long drive, (over 300 miles round trip), but with my driving habits, the number should stay pretty consistant. Overall, the gas mileage is acceptable. Comfort is as expected with a sub-compact car. The drivers seat has an adjustable lumbar roll, which is a must. Again, having the optional cruise control would make driving this little car a bit more comfortable. Leg and head room is not an issue as long as you are not taller than 6'2". Personal space is also as expected for a sub-compact. The only real disappointment that I have is with the lack of internal storage space. The one space that offers any storage capacity is the glove box. There is a small space below the forward cup holders which can hold not much more than 2 cigarette packs. The door pockets are only good as long as you have nothing thicker than the Aveo car manual. There is a small space below the emergency brake handle, but putting anything in there makes getting your hand around the brake handle inconvenient. The trunk, however is spacious. Plenty of room for several medium roll around luggage cases, or 2 large luggage bags (or if you want to sneak a couple of your friends into a drive in theatre). Power is not important to me with this car. Power = low gas milage. The 4 cylinder, 1.6L engine provides sufficient enough power to get out into traffic from an exit ramp or from a median strip. Maintenance is still something that I have to get used to with this car. With todays small engines being required to be more efficient, it leaves little room for anything to go wrong. I have already had the engine light come on (40,000 miles) within the first 30 days of owning this car, which had me concerned. A car with 40K miles and the engine light comes on? To top it off, it was intermittent. After a quick trip to the service department at Car Max, I was told that there was a problem with the emissions system. After having the issue looked into a little deeper, it as found that combusted contaminants from the engine cylinders was getting into the valve cover space. The PCV sensor was picking up the contaminants and throwing a fault code, thus indicated by the engine warning light on the instrument cluster. After having the oil changed, and fault system reset, the light has not come on since. Drivability of the Aveo is good. It is stable on the road. Responds to driver input without delay and has fairly good visibility with properly adjusted mirrors. Turning radius is excellent (can turn around using only 2 lanes max depending on width). Entry into and out of the car is done with little effort as the car sits high.

Review of my Aveo

2006 Chevrolet Aveo Kathy - Atlanta 11/23/2008

I Purchased a 2006 hatchback Aveo several months ago.SO far..I have no complaints.I like how the back seat folds to make more room to carry things. I also like how it won't lock on the drivers seat door unless you lock it from outside with your first..I thought it was broken but when took to dealership...I was told it was a feature to keep you from locking keys in your car;which I did all the time with my old Overrall..I love my car.I like the compact size.

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