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(525 Reviews)

Good car for the budget-minded

vasteelersfan - Virginia 07/30/2010

We recently purchased an Impala after finding my 2001 Acura to no longer be reliable (after a $3500 rebuilt tranny and many brake issues). We found the Impala to be nicely appointed for the price which was our main concern as we don't have lots of money to throw around. Not only were we pleased with the cost we also liked the sleek exterior (especially for a family sedan) and the pep of the V6. We very pleased that we no longer had to gas up with premium gas and we still got better mileage than the Acura. The interior is very roomy and comfortable and the trunk space is phenominal! Overall I enjoy driving my Impala, but to be truthful there are some shortcomings. First and foremost are the brakes - under normal conditions they're fine, but driving through mountains or very hilly areas is downright scary. If you try to slow down coming downhill, prepare yourself for violent vibrations once the brakes get heated up. In addition, some genius at Chevy decided it would be a good idea not to cut power to the cigarette lighter/power outlets if a device is plugged in. So basically, you're draining your battery if you leave anything like your cell phone charger, GPS, etc. plugged in...NOT GOOD! Lastly, the door springs are set so tight, the doors slam shut with little effort. Yeah, that's a little nitpicky, but I'm afraid one day the door is going to take off a finger! Again, overall I still think it's a good vehicle (especially for what I paid!), but it would be a great one if Chevy would work on these design flaws.

Great car

Impala Freak - Newport News, Virginia 07/20/2011

First off I'd like to say I was very skeptical about the Impala. My partner has one and I drove his everyday for a month back and forth to work. Needless to say I was extremely comfortable with the overall performance of this car. I was so impressed with it, I traded in my Ford Escape for it. Personally I think if anyone purchases this car, they won't be disappointed.

Excellent car

Gavroche - San Antonio, TX 02/06/2010

Powerful, comfortable, roomy (trunk is huge)... Mega bangs for my bucks... Love this car.

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2015 Chevrolet Impala LTZ Specifications

196 horsepower@6300rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway
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