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Used 2009 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ for Sale

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Reviews for 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

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4.1 out of 5(17 reviews)

Traverse 09

This vehicle by Cheverlet is the biggest and most luxurious vehicle that I have owned. Certainly, it is spacious with 3rd row seating, which I usually leave down for shopping cargo! Its ride is smooth and quiet. If you're looking for this size vehicle and looks, you should definitely try a Traverse on 'for size'!

- YayTraverse, 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

2009 Traverse LTZ

Have had my Traverse LTZ for 11 months now (7800 miles) The handling characteristics are superb and a joy to drive on a trip. Gas mileage is another thing, the sticker says I should get 17mpg town and 24mpg highway. This is completely false, I have NEVER gotten more than 16.5mpg overall after a trip (town and highway) and 19.7 on highway driving (3 hour trip). The air conditioner has never worked since day one. I took a 4 hour highway trip three weeks after purchasing my Traverse and the air conditioner would shut down (blow heat instead of cold air) after about 25 to 30 minutes of driving. The dealer said it was a thermostat and replaced that. The air conditioner would work fine if you didn't drive the Traverse more than 20 minutes. However two months later I took another trip (3 hour) and the air conditioner did the same thing, (86 degree F day) the air conditioner would (on cue) turn to hot air after 25 to 30 minutes on the road. The blower fan was making a lot of noise but only minute hot air came out of the air vents making our trip miserable. I could turn off the highway park my Traverse and wait 5 minutes then restart the car and the air conditioner would work properly but only for another 30 minutes then repeat the hot air thing. The dealer removed the dash (big project) and replaced or refitted the actuator doors. However the air conditioning did the same thing on a recent trip June '10, cold air vents turned out warm air after 30 minutes of driving. It seemed this happened when the dash temperature was so hot you could hardly touch it without burning your fingers. (so much windshield the sun beats down on the dash) Our dash being black (color) it draws in the heat. Of course the dealer says the hot dash has nothing to do with the air conditioner problem! But he can't dispute the fact that the air conditioner problems us usually happening when driving into the sun! When I took my LTZ back this week (air conditioner problems again) I noticed that there were plastic pieces laying on the front floor mats ... the dealer said it was broken blower fan blades and replaced the blower fan and blades. The dealer said the AC system HVAC case drain was clogged and they removed the clog (second time in few months). Also replaced the AC EVAP sensor. The dealer replaced the above in Aug '09 and again in June '10. Also all four exterior side moldings came loose and the dealer had to replace all four. Not sure if I made a good choice in purchasing the Chevy Traverse.

- Realistic, 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

Good stylish people hauler

Overall, good car, lots of space, love the 8 seats. A little concern about the 6th speed transmission (read below) and the Voice recognition system. It's the same length as the Tahoe and seats the same, but feels and rides like a smaller car. Engine: The little 3.6 has some good pep, but I wonder how it will be when towing. (I wish they offered a V8.) I've read many complaints about the MPG on the Traverse, stating it's not what Chevy says it is. Two things to consider: (1) the MPG specs from the dealer are rarely true for even the best of drivers, (2) considering that this is a 7 or 8 seater, the mileage is pretty good (16-22). If you're looking for a people hauler and not a trailer or boat hauler, this is a good car. Suspension: It handles well and rides smoothly on the highway. Interior Space: It has a decent amount of space behind the 3rd row seat, and a generous storage bin in the back for emergency supplies, jumper cables, etc. The leg room and head room is better than our last crossover. Add-ons: You will want to get the back-up sensors or camera as it is hard to see the back corners when backing up. I wish we could have found one with leather seats and a bench seat in the middle (needed the bench seat because we have two car seats and several older kids who need to get in the back). However, the leather ones we saw either were bucket seats or the LTZ model (out of our $ range). The DVD and voice recognition system is nice, but only necessary if you like satellite radio. Styling: Awesome. We get a lot of compliments about the looks and color. Concerns/Complaints: 1-Bluetooth isn't always installed, even if the voice recog. system says so. We were told it was installed tried using it and found out after visiting the dealer that the systems all use/say the same prompts, regardless of whether you have it. The only other way to get it is (other than getting something installed in your car on your own) is to use Onstar. Onstar is pricey, ranging from $18-28 a month. 2- The transmission has this weird little shudder in 6th gear on the highway (55mph+). Chevy did a recall for this, which they only reprogrammed the computer, and it didn't help. Currently, it still does it and it's annoying because I'm not sure if it's serious or, as one service tech told me, it's "what that car does". 3-This is a general concern I have with most newer cars, but this car is designed to worked on and maintained by the dealer. They're taking most of the home mechanic out of the equation. For example, the manual states that if the battery needs replacing, take it to the dealer. It doesn't even tell you where the battery is (it's not in the engine compartment, its in the floor behind the passenger front seat, found that out from another owner). Another example, the manual doesn't give a mileage for changing oil. Instead, the car itself tells you when to change the oil.

- The Jay Crew, 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

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