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Customer Review Summary for Chrysler Pacifica

(263 Reviews)

2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

2005 Chrysler Pacifica Spurs fan - San Antonio, TX 01/07/2007

The Pacifica was introduced in 2004 to be a hybrid-cross intended to span the gap between the attractive but gas-guzzling SUV's and the unstylish Minivans. Since then, literally hunderds of thousands have sold. However, Chrysler somehow attracted the consumers eye without really addressing quality and performance and real value. The Pacifica has very modern and sleek looks and aggressive styling. No complaints there. But, when you look closer at the vehicle, the body is composed of a steel/plastic combination of panels that don't seem to line-up and appear to be forced together in many areas. The wheel wells aren't even metal but a very cheap plastic/ABS material that is press-fit (not welded or bonded) into the fender. It rattles and flaps at highway speeds. The ride is also dissappointing, tight and bumpy. We drove our vehicle from Texas to South Carolina and I felt as if we made the trip in a Conestoga Wagon! Not at all what I would expect from "Daimler" Chrysler (yes, that's right. Aka the guys that make Mercedes-Benz). Inside, the car "appears" to be comparable to other luxury SUV's but looks can be deceiving. Most of the the leather seating surface and arm rests aren't leather at all but a clever vinyl reproduction. The instrument cluster for the climate and stereo controls is so cluttered and confusing that it distracts from driving and almost always requires searching for the right button. It also gets hot after several minutes of driving (not hot enough to burn, but hot none the less). The quality and construction screams "lets save a buck and not tell the consumer." The performance is far from what should be expected from a $30-35,000 vehicle. The 3.5L engine sounds impressive but really only produces power at high RPM (>3500). When you apply the throttle at lower speed, the car barely acknowledges the command and has to shift at least twice to adequately accelerate to highway speed. If you load the vehicle with a family of four and luggage there is very little acceleration at all. As far as mechanical problems, our car speant more than two weeks in the shop since new with a major transmission fluid leak, a slipping differencial, and a transmission pop...all fixed by Chrysler (thank goodness) but not typical of a modern post-1984 vehicle! Then comes the investment value. I've owned my Pacifica over two years and purchased it through Fleet sales at less than $500 over invoice. I thought I made an outstanding deal. But, in 2 1/2 years and 47,000 miles the car is barely worth the scrap metal it's made of (outrageous depreciation of more than 1/2 of the original invoice price.) I feel very sorry for anyone who purchased this vehicle at MSRP and called it an investment. So, word to the wise. If you have ANY other choice on the market other than the Pacifica to suit your needs, I would steer clear of this cow in wolfs clothing.

Nice Car

2005 Chrysler Pacifica The ONE - Woodbridge, VA 06/08/2009

I looked around for a good car for a long time. at first glance I did not like the Pacifica at all. I took it on a test drive and checked the dafety ratings. I bought it. The wife really loves it.

A very nice car

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Car Owner BL - Florida 05/22/2009

I have looked around for a while searching for a vehicle that would work for my family needs,have plenty of room, and still look professional. This car does just that! One of the problems I found with most of the "crossovers" was the feeling you get while someone else is driving. It was easy to get carsick because of the short wheel base. When the driver would stop you felt like you were about to be tossed out of the vehicle, regardless of how smooth they applied the brake. Unlike the Nissan extera which make you feel terrible unless you are driving. The only downside is the lack of fuel efficiency. Mine only gets about 17 mPG average. I was hoping for more since it is so small. But that is a small price to pay for the getup and go that it has! It is nice to be able to hit the petal and this thing jump! Overall, a great car for a great price. It is like driving a luxury vehicle for a normal price. I love it!

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