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Used 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser in Dulles, VA

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Reviews for 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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4.4 out of 5(61 reviews)



- STACEY, 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser


I LOVE THE CLASSIC AGELESS PT CRUISER MODEL! I love the moonroof and the SMALL SUV feeling...The MILEAGE NEEDS TO IMPROVE TO AT LEAST 36M/H in the today economy. Not very economic! Only 20 to 26miles/gallon. If you maintain it properly, it will last you at least to 150,000! (Ive had one before that collapsed at 150,000!).Not worth changing all parts!

- Clea Bellomo, 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2007 PT Cruiser Convertible

Information to keep in mind while reading: Car: 2007 PT Cruiser Convertible Duration of Ownership at time of review: 1.5 Months Prior experience with Vehicles: Limited to driver only General automotive knowledge: As casual driver only Prior experience with Chryslers: None Climates driven in: Humid Subtropical, Summer Longest continuous drive to date: 3 hour road trip Typical use: 15 minute drives or less Status of car at purchase: Used (~30k miles) I would prefer to have more time of ownership before writing a review, but at the moment, I am quite pleased with the car on the whole. For a convertible, it has surprising room and comfort in the back seat, good head room and a trunk space that is moderately sized, but accomodates most of my needs. The top is very simple to open and close, being almost fully automated with a twist-latch used prior to activating the opening cycle (to unlock) and as the closing cycle is finishing (to lock.) The overall look and feel of the vehicle is pleasant in design and material. Items I would recommend being mindful of if looking to purchase: Maintenance of a convertible top isn't something I would consider as an activity to take lightly and, at least for my immediate area, it has been somewhat difficult to locate a shop that sells adequate cleaner and protectant (I do not believe that the material the tops of convertibles are made from is such that it benefits much from automatic car washes nor the soap and detergent used in public car washes - I would recommend neither for maintaining the quality of the top's material.) The top opens and closes automatically, but, at least for mine, doesn't always line up the interior cloth correctly at the joints when the top closes, leaving a portion of the cloth around the joint nearest the driver's head slightly folded (it doesn't take much more effort than reaching up and flipping the fold over.) The effort it takes to seal and twist the lock for the top when it closes isn't a simple twist - it does take a little effort, so I would encourage someone to test it out and see how much effort it takes for them to seal the lock and whether they find it works for them. I am of moderate height and there is a slight issue when it comes to visibility while sitting at the front of a stop light. The top of the windshield tends to cover the stoplight more often than not in such situations, so there is a need to slightly crane down to see when the light turns green. There is a slight difference in visibility angle in the rear-view mirror when the top is open or closed. When the top is closed, the rear window is placed such that it is a little low when compared to the height of the top when it is folded down. So the rear view mirror's angle (if set when the top is closed) causes the image in the mirror to be partially obscured by the height of the folded top when the top is open. Not generally a problem when backing up as you can just look out if the top is down given there's nothing physically obscuring the view and this may be a problem due entirely to how high up a taller person may sit, but it's something to be aware of. The doors can open somewhat wide before they reach their 'resting' points while open. Depending on the parking lot size, it may be something that needs attention when entering/exiting the car to avoid damaging the edges of the doors or the doors of adjacent cars. The turning radius is a little wider than I'm used to, but it is not ungainly. I'm accustomed to being able to make much tighter turns when attempting to enter/exit a parking lot/driveway or for U-turns. The trunk is larger than I'd expected for a convertible, but is still limited when compared to a larger car. While the truck hatch opens wide, being taller, it is not as convenient as it possibly could be to get into the trunk contents. The windshield wiper and turn signal levers are somewhat close to the steering wheel. The cruise control lever is attached to the steering wheel (so it turns with the wheel.) I'm prone to accidentally knocking one of them infrequently when turning the wheel. Other, minor items of note: There are a pair of cupholders that fold down for riders in the back seat. The front seat has three cup holders and a small area adequate enough to hold a moderate sized cellphone. One of the cupholders in the front is large enough to comfortably and conveniently fit a large drink from a drive-thru. The other two up front are best suited to cans of soda or smaller cups (they rest partially covered by the radio/CD area.) The armrest interior space is divided into two sections. A top section that is shallow and has a pen-holder - good for holding a cellphone, pad of paper or change. The bottom section is larger and has a molding capable of holding CD cases. It is deep enough to hold a Kindle Fire comfortably upright/lengthwise and the CD case molding fits the Kindle Fire tight, but well enough to keep it upright and from jostling around. I do not believe either section of the armrest locks. The back seats can fold down - unlocked from within the trunk, to create more space for the trunk. Each seat can fold down individually, allowing for a little extra space in addition to a third passenger. The front passenger seat moves forward and gives a good amount of space to get people in and out of the back seat. The driver's side can tilt down, but I have yet to find how to conveniently move it forward. There's a bar rising up over the middle, between the front seats and back seats, that is inside the car when the top is closed. It contains the interior lights and makes it convenient to get in and out of the back seats, though it is something to watch for the head when entering and exiting. The seats sit up higher than I'm used to which is convenient. In many cars, my legs are somewhat long and they normally feel bundled up, but I haven't experienced that sensation with this car. The air conditioning works rather well - it resets to fresh every time the car turns on, apparently. Not a problem, but something to keep in mind. The hazard lights button is a little easier to accidentally hit than I'd like, but not difficult to avoid. Overall impression: I'm only a casual driver, minus the occasional road trip, but I enjoy driving it tremendously. I've had a couple minor problems that I attribute to the age of the vehicle (and its status as used) but both were fixed free of charge and, had they not been free, were not expensive, either. Provided it holds up to age well enough with maintenance, I believe I will not be looking to sell the vehicle.

- Hyborea, 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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