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Customer Review Summary for Chrysler PT Cruiser

(378 Reviews)

Love My Cruiser

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser GTPT4ST - California 05/05/2008

I've wanted a PT Cruiser from the moment I first saw one. I waited and got everything I wanted, including the turbo engine for more power. This car/SUV/crossover is hands down my favorite car EVER! I've spent years reading reviews (good and bad) and the only negative that I can agree with is that the gas mileage isn't great (18-20 mpg combined city/hwy). Also the turbo engine requires premium gas but that only adds about $3/tank; well worth it to me for the added power. I absolutely adore my PT Cruiser and wouldn't trade it for any of those "they all look the same but have different brands on them" cars or SUV's out there.


2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser TomKat - BAWLMER, MERLYN - HOME OF THE HONS! 11/02/2007

I bought an 04 Automatic in Feb. 07 - couldn't find a spot here to review an 04, so here I am. 8 MONTHS LATER: STEERING - quick response, like a sports car. COMFORT - I purposely chose cloth seats - the ergonomic design which supplies perfect back support is GREAT, especially on long distance drives. Feeling is that you are higher up than you really are, almost like a truck or SUV. TURNING - I can make a 3-point turn so quickly & easily, it's a breeze! VISION - perfect, no blind spots. Parking is effortless. COMPASS & AMBIENT TEMP GAUGE - LOVE 'EM! Can never get lost, even on unknown back country roads! POWER - this 2.4 L is 50% bigger than my old Honda I traded in, and ZIPPY! TRANS. - although Auto. the ability to downshift so easily and smoothly is a pleasure, especially on steep down-grades. LOOKS - SPORTY - ZIPPY - PROUD TO DRIVE! I just turned 67, and feel like a TEENAGER AGAIN! At the risk of repeating myself - LOVE IT - LOVE IT - LOVE IT !! THANK YOU, CHRYSLER, THANK YOU! Tom H.


2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser Dave-man - North Florida 01/20/2008

When the Cruisers came out back in 2000 I knew that I wanted one. It has all of the utility of larger SUV's in a smaller more economical package and none of the bland looks of the minivan crowd. Before buying I did all of my research and although the PT started out based on the early neon platform it was redesigned and improved upon...Don't believe the detractors- It is not a neon clone. Also it seems that the early model years had some mechanical problems, but early production model years often do. The people that say it doesn't have very good performance obviously bought the car on looks alone. The PT was not designed to be a tire burning\push you into your seat performance car! It has more than adequite accelleration for highway use and can run at 80mph comfortably. It also gets acceptable mpg around town and my pt has gotten 29 mpg on the highway doing 80 with 3 aboard and luggage. True it is not an econobox but if I wanted that I would have bought a prius. I find the PT very comfortable for long distance driving. I am a hair over 6 foot tall and even without cruise control I can drive for several hours without driver fatigue. In fact this is the first vehicle that I have owned that my right foot doesn't get uncomfortable after an hour or so of driving. Great looks, Acceptable performance and gas milage, and the utility of the suv and minivan all in one. This is the first American car that I have bought in over 25 years and I think that I will be happy. And for all you "Buy American" people out there. My Nissan truck was built in a plant in OHIO where as my PT cruiser was built in MEXICO!

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