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2009 Dodge Challenger SE Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 3.5L
Horsepower 0 horsepower@0rpm
MPG City 17
MPG Highway 25

Customer Review Summary for 2009 Dodge Challenger

(24 Reviews)

The Ornage Monster

2009 Dodge Challenger Major Disaster - , 03/30/2013

We bought the Challenger R/T with the automatic trans. The car is just fun to drive. More than enough power. every option that you can think of. Had test drove the 6 speed and that was fine but found myself not enjoying the drive as much. Has more interior room than a Mustang GT. And more power tha a pre 11 stang. The comments we get get from people we meet include how beautiful the orange color is to the apreciating the retro challenger look. just love this car

Chally - for folks of a certain era

2009 Dodge Challenger Dock - Central Texas 09/25/2012

If you had sat this teenage boy down in the mid 1980s and said: "Tell you what I'm going to do - I'll build you a custom car. How about we use a Mercedes chassis, a twin plug fuel injected Hemi - 400 lbs of torque work for you? How about a SIX speed manual, leather interior, 4 wheel disk brakes, dual exhaust - pretty much a dream car compared to that bombed out $500 Mustang you have now, or the awful K cars you could buy." "Oh, and let's really go crazy. I'll build a computer right into the dash, with a touchscreen. I'll make special brakes that don't lock up, and tires that run even if they go flat. We'll put an air compressor in the trunk, and we'll make the body look like an awesome early '70s musclecar. OK, and it won't get 9 miles to the gallon on the highway, more like 27 or so if you're good. How does that grab you?" I would have probably sacrificed at least a pinky to get that car, as described. Amazing, then, that I have bought that dream car. No, it is not nimble in the truest sense; the weightiness is all part of the appeal, though, as you look over the long hood and rotate the car (rather safely) with your right foot, listening to the distant NASCAR rumble and enjoying incredibly comfortable seats - front OR rear. Just try that in a Mustang these days. Life is short, people - enjoy what you're paying for. I know I am, thanks to this beautiful blue R/T Challenger.

it's okfor an american "muscle" car

2009 Dodge Challenger Gary - , 09/10/2013

i used to have a 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T and it was ok. It had plenty of power, but i felt a bit too big when cornering fast or parking. It's also a roomy car, but the sound system is iffy, the seat heater buttons have to be pushed hard to turn on. their is hard plastic on the door panel where your arm normally sits on the door. and it feels like it was built to be cheap, not a nice muscle car like the mustang gt. The Challenger is a ok car for young adults, but for seniors who know and love their cars, this is NOT the car for you. i bought a 2013 mustang gt and it is heck of a lot better. It's more comfortable, takes off faster, more fun to drift with, and a great cruiser or race car.

2009 Dodge Challenger Overview

The 2009 Dodge Challenger is part of the fourth generation of Challengers manufactured by Dodge in Detroit, Michigan. The first Challengers debuted back in 1958, with a hiatus in production between 1960 and 1969. Over the years, the Challenger has seen a significant transformation, yet it retains its sleek, sporty design. The 2009 Dodge Challenger is available in three different trim options.

2009 Dodge Challenger History

The 2009 Dodge Challenger, as we know it today, was first displayed during the 2008 New York Auto Show, and production began in August that same year. The year 2009 is largely regarded as the first major release of the fourth generation of Challengers, as 2008 saw only the release of limited edition SRT8s through July. Prior to this fourth-generation release, the Challenger actually saw a rather long hiatus in production that began in 1983.

Compared to earlier releases, the 2009 Dodge Challenger saw numerous upgrades and new features, including:

  • several trim models to choose from
  • the new Rallye Package for the SE model
  • manual transmission options available
  • standard 17-inch aluminum wheels
  • Most vintage car enthusiasts would agree that the design for the 2009 model was heavily influenced by the popular 1970 Challenger.

How It Drives

Speed and adrenaline lovers will enjoy the 2009 Challenger's rapid acceleration, with the R/T trim engine capable of reaching 60 mph from a dead stop in less than six seconds. Furthermore, this model year was the first to feature the innovative electronic stability program, which allows for a more enjoyable ride and better overall handling in just about any road condition. In terms of maneuverability, drivers enjoy the curve-hugging capabilities of the Challenger.

Furthermore, whereas previous releases of the fourth-generation Challenger only came with automatic transmission, drivers enjoyed the option to select a six-speed manual or five-speed manual transmission to customize their road experience.

Used 2009 Dodge Challenger Value

The V6 version of the 2009 Audi A4 had an MSRP of $35,850, while the four-cylinder version was priced just over $16,000 lower. That is a considerable difference, and the used value of the vehicles reflects that. Audis hold their value well, and a 2009 A4 can be purchased for around $25,000 for the V6 version, and around $13,000 for the four-cylinder option.

Design & Performance

In terms of design, many fans have noted similarities in exterior appearance between the 2009 Challenger and the 1970 Challenger. With a sleek body, classic grille design, and retro accents, the 2009 Challenger does a great job of evoking those warm fuzzy feelings of days long past. And when it comes to overall performance, drivers have had good things to say about the Challenger's:

  • torque command
  • steering and stability controls
  • traction (especially with upgraded 18-inch wheels)

On the other hand, some drivers have noted that they experience a blind spot toward the back of the vehicle while driving (which is not uncommon in coupe sports cars). Furthermore, others have mentioned that the vehicle itself feels too large and boxy, so this may not be the car for you if you're looking for something small and sleek.

Powertrain & Engine

The standard engine on the 2009 Dodge Challenger is a 3.5L V6 with four-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive type. However, depending on the trim level you choose, engine upgrades can vary. For example, the Dodge Challenger R/T features a more powerful 5.7L V8 engine with 372 horsepower, and the SRT8 boasts a 6.1L V8 at 425 horsepower. Its 17-inch aluminum wheels are standard, but upgraded 18-inch or even 20-inch (on the SRT8) wheels can take your driving experience to the next level.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

Exterior features on the 2009 Dodge Challenger vary from one trim to the next, but a few notable options include:

  • sporty stripes (R/T trim)
  • premium colors, including Toxic Orange and Detonator Yellow
  • dual body stripes across hood and trunk

The interior of the Challenger has really come a long way since the last generation's release. Depending on the trim option, drivers will find features such as:

  • driver and passenger lumbar support
  • heated cushion seatbacks and front seats
  • simulated suede or leather interior trim

An optional sunroof also brightens up an otherwise rather dark interior, and four people can sit pretty comfortably inside.

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