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Used 2013 Dodge Durango R/T for Sale

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Reviews for 2013 Dodge Durango

Overall Rating

4.4 out of 5(26 reviews)

Love my Durango.

Ithe has plenty of room. Drives smooth.

- Isabel Lopez, 2013 Dodge Durango

Daarkness RT Blacktop

Darkness is definitely a head turner. On the road, in parking decks and especially at night.

- MartyMar, 2013 Dodge Durango

The Elephant in The Room

Have had my Durango R/T now for about a year and a half and am still very happy with my decision. All in all it is a great car. Dodge has made leaps and bounds in quality and craftsmanship, which is to be expected since this car sits on the same chassis as the Grand Cherokee and the Mercedes ML and GL classes. Where this really shows is in the way the car handles. I wouldn't call it nimble or agile, but then I don't know anything that ways 2.5 tons unloaded that is. However, it solid and predictable and has a lot more grip than you might expect in the corners. Acceleration with the Hemi V8 isn't blisteringly fast or anything, but it does have a good amount of oomph, and when you consider, again, that you are talking about a SUV, that when fully loaded, weighs in over 3 tons, it's acceleration is actually very impressive. Which, brings us to the elephant in the room, all this weight and all this power comes at a price, specifically at the gas pump. I would say my time spent driving is about 75% city and 25% highway, and I average somewhere between 11.5 and 13.5 mpg, we'll below what the window sticker listed. The flip side to this is that if I am driving strictly on the highway and the engine gets to do its little Eco thing and cut 4 of the 8 cylinders I can easily achieve an mpg of 21+ which is well above what was on the window sticker. Let me tell you though, the sound that engine makes when you turn it on really makes you forget all that anyway. I often use the remote start function to turn it on as I'm walking up just so I can hear the ruckus it makes. Coincidentally, doing so also acts as a good reminder that even though it is very subdued and quiet inside the car, outside it is loud enough to draw the attention of others you may not want to draw the attention of, unless of course you like being pulled over by the cops. ;-) So, in conclusion, were I to have to sum up the Dodge Durango R /T in just a couple of words, I would say that it is truly a jack-of-all-trades. She is refined enough that she looks right at home valet parked out front of a four star hotel, and yet she isn't so prim and proper that she looks out of place roughing it in the Sierras either. She's happy to take the kids to soccer practice during the day and then ready to go cruising at night. It's this ability to walk this fine line between so many contradictions that really makes the Dodge Durango shine...

- LF3, 2013 Dodge Durango

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