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Used Ford Crown Victoria for Sale

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Reviews for Ford Crown Victoria

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5(30 reviews)

Best Car

I sustained many injuries while on active duty. I've owned four cars since I retired. Eventually all of them were given to my kids because they did not provide the physical comfort I require to drive a car. The combination of the power of the V8 engine and cruise control on long trips help me achieve gas mileage I had with my previous car's V6 engine, although in city driving I only get 20mpg. I was disappointed in that, with a CV LX, I expected a few more gadgets inside. Leather interior is great, but the factory receiver and CD player didn't have an axillary port, nor a USB port (that have been pretty standard in cars for at least 5 years). I had to replace the stereo with one that provided all of that. There is only ONE place to plug-in for a power source for a laptop or other device. There is nothing in the backseat area, no ashtrays or lighters, and the armrest/seat divider could have had a storage compartment built in but doesn't. Also, the dashboard lights in the control center dim far to much during the day time and are too dim night. Simple things like map lights separate from the dome light and positioned closer to the windshield, a change holder, a place for sunglasses, pen and paper (easily accessible), and a place to store CD's would have been nice, and what I'd expect in a car that was labeled an "LX". Other than that, it's a great car.

- Retired Sailor, 2011 Ford Crown Victoria

Queen of the road

I own two at the moment, 1997 and 2000, and will not part with either. No finer vehicle on the road for comfort or value. Very sad how the average American is so lost to find a great vehilce that they pay twice for a smaller vehicle made by other countries.

- , 2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Didn't think I would ever drive another Ford

I have had bad luck with Fords in the past. I won�t get into details but suffice it to say I was not happy with American cars in the late 90s. As much as I wanted an "American" car I ended up getting a Nissan family car and never looked back. The Nissan has been trouble free and runs still runs like a champ long after the warranty has expired. The one problem with the Nissan is that it is small. After we our first child was born we decided we wanted something bigger without going mini-van. Also we decided that road trips are our favorite way to vacation and the Nissan, although reliable, was not well suited for hours behind the wheel. So we started looking for cars that were quiet, comfortable, inexpensive, and roomy. The Ford Crown Victoria did come to mind but I remembered the bad experiences I had had with past Fords and so I initially overlooked it. After a while I realized that meeting my four requirements was not going to be easy. There were cars that were quiet, comfortable, and roomy but expensive. There were cars that were inexpensive, comfortable and roomy but were full of road noise. There were cars that were inexpensive, quiet, and comfortable but did not provide enough room for a growing family and luggage. Sure enough I was back looking at the Crown Victoria it seemed to fit the bill nicely. I was concerned about the maintenance problems I had had with previous Fords but I decided that a car with a history like the Crown Vic can�t be all that bad. By this time Ford must have had all the kinks worked out right? Any car that was good enough for Taxi companies and Police forces nationwide couldn't be that bad. Well I was right. This car was perfect for me. Yes the interior is a little dated but the exterior is nice. Makes me feel more grown up and a bit more serious. I like that. I wasn't too sure about the bench seat up front but since it allows for the seating of six passengers I figured it wasn�t a big deal. When we test drove it I had my wife sit right next to me in the middle. Just like that I was sold on that bench seat. My wife rides in the middle right next to me every time now. I couldn't be happier! Why don�t more cars have bench seating up front? Make no mistake this is no sports car but what it lacks in handling it makes up for in comfort, spacious seating, a HUGE trunk, and a quiet ride. The strong V8 is a nice change for me too from the Nissan that I love. The horsepower isn�t through the roof in this car but it's got it where it counts. Something about that engine just feels stout...very "American". So basically here I am, writing a review for a car I never thought I would drive. I love the car, I love the cop look, I love the engine, and I love the bench seat and the huge trunk. Best of all it was cheap, FAR cheaper than the nearest competing big comfy car. One more benefit I have noticed since I picked up this car. Other people like riding in it as a passenger as much as I like driving it. At lunch time everyone wants to take my car; same thing on road trips or short drives out of the city. Even my friends who have nice BMWs and other fancy sports cars don�t get as many happy passengers as I do. I guess there is a lot to be said for comfort and leg room.

- , 2005 Ford Crown Victoria

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