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2008 Ford Edge STOTTS - Claremont, NC 01/14/2010

I absolutely LOVE my Ford Edge. I have had it about 2 months and the color is Pearl White. It drives very smooth and has neat features. It has adequate room in it. The cargo space has more room than my van had so I was happy with that. The only negative thing I would have to say is that I think it's hard to see when your backing up and I think the side mirrors are a little large. I get about 18 miles to the gallon so that's not to bad. I would totally recommend this crossover. I could not be happier.

Good Car

2008 Ford Edge Working yet FT mom - Baltimore, MD 07/21/2011

Traded in a 2003 Murano (2wd) due to coming up on 100k and maintainence that was getting too expensive. The 2008 Edge is comparable in many ways. But the technology in the SYNC system and the USB port (I understand Ford made another port and it's hinden in the dash? My husband has an F150 and he went into the dash to get the 2nd port.) is definitely above the Murano. Obviously, with the AWD, it handles better in weather. The tail lift is easier. Back up sensor is nice. Air conditioning is better in the Edge. One thing I noticed from the start - serious dash glare!!! And an odd break pedal. When I apply the break, I can feel the connecting rod at the top of my foot and it's annoying. It does drive well and has the pick up I need to maneuver in traffic. Murano had a more quality interior. More & better indoor lighting system, i.e., the cargo light was in the hatch and illuminated everything; in the Edge, it's on the side and if you put cargo near it, it blocks the light. More comfortable seating. Better steering, better steering wheel and column configurations. Quieter ride. Better headlights. And in my opinion, was a smarter looking vehicle. Edge certainly wins with the technology package. It's a good car, but overall, I miss my Murano.

Perfect Fit

2008 Ford Edge Afeather - Richmond, Va 10/10/2011

I was driving a Ford F150 with a super cab but I have two 4 year old daughters and it was getting increasingly difficult driving them around in the truck. I decided a needed to go the SUV route. I have always driven a Ford and never had any problems, so I looked at all the Ford SUVs. I did like the look of the Edge and the price was right because I was looking to do as close to an even swap as possible. I'm about 6' and the Edge is just tall enough off the ground that I don't have to lean in too much to get my girls in their seats and yet the driver seat is comfortable. I typically drive an 8 cylinder vehicle, and this was my first ever 6 cylinder, but the car holds speed well on the highways and is zippy enough for me. It is not an all wheel drive but I find the need for that decreasing every year. My girls can be in their car seats and still have plenty of room so they're not kicking the back of my seat. I work in the computer industry, so the Microsoft Sync system was important to me. I studied up on it and it works perfectly for me. A huge bonus I was not looking for but I got. My Edge has a sunroof which is great, the rear detection system when I'm backing up, and the outside key code lock so I can lock my keys in the car when I go to the gym. Honestly, the more I drive this car, the more I like it.

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2008 Ford Edge SE Specifications

265 horsepower@6250rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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